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Thursday, May 30, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 16

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode sixteen (May 30, 2013) of One Life to Live.

The Buchanans are still playing poker, they all tell Leo to hush. Nora mentions talking to Clint about the wedding. David offers to officiate though obviously that isn't something Clint would want. Leo wishes he could tape this for the reality show, but they all say no. Nora wants to play Blind Man's Bluff. Nora says where is Viki, but she is still working. They then discuss Matthew, Bo and Nora feel like Clint is overstepping, but he says they may regret it. Snoop came after everyone left the poker game, though we have no idea who won the poker night. Bo tells Snoop about how Clint upset him, and that on some level his older brother was right. Snoop tries to encourage him about how to be a father to little B (aka Matthew). Before he leaves, Snoop tells Bo that he will see Matthew and mentions that Nora invited him over to talk to Bo even though the party hadn't ended yet.

Viki and Jeffrey are on the phone as Viki's computer is acting up and she hasn't gotten the file. Dani is getting ready to go to Shelter, Jeffrey has to work, Matthew has an online long distance date with Michelle to watch Casablanca. Matthew explains what he sees in Michelle, while Dani agrees to go. Dani comes in as Matthew and Michelle are talking on the phone. Michelle doesn't know anything about the movie, and ironically he says two of the actors look like Ren and Stimpy. Jeffrey goes to Viki's and he sees how the computer isn't working, so she wasn't inept.

Nikki and Rama are at the bar, Rama tells Blair about the one open bill. It is Brianna and Jason. Natalie wants a cosmo, and Cutter says make a stiff one. Nikki says that usually Cutter tells her to water down the drinks. Dean and Cutter are talking about the DJs who don't like one another. Hyperjack and Lectroset are the two guys, they start arguing and ask for Cutter.  Dani then is at the club, she and Brianna dance, though Dani doesn't want any drugs tonight. Todd wants to dance with Dani, but Blair says no way. Then he wants to dance with Blair, but disagrees. Bruce interrupts Cutter and Natalie dancing, then she dances with Bruce. Natalie sees a drug deal go down, while dancing and the lights go out at the club. Cutter is with flashlights, Hyperjack leaves in frustration. Blair asks Todd to say this isn't a full blown disaster, but he can't. Todd gets to Dani before she takes drugs, but she has a pill in her hands. Todd introduces Blair Manning and since there is a piano there is no need for electricity, so she starts singing "No Regrets" to the crowd. Everyone dancing, Cutter pushes Natalie into the wall and starts kissing her.  Todd goes outside with the flashlight, sees that the breaker box was tampered with and swears.

General thoughts about this episode:

Blair singing at Todd's insistence fit into their past, but I want less tease and more action. That being said I wasn't wowing on the blackout even if JWoww was there. (I'm picky about blackout stories on soaps, but if this is just one day it wasn't bad just not amazing.) Seeing Natalie and Cutter dance and kiss, well now that Natalie saw the drug dealing this seems to be a relationship that is ending before it started. I wish we would have known who won the last hand of poker at Bo's place, and I appreciated that the lack of Matthew was discussed. Matthew being a film geek was a bit surprising, and instead of Casablanca, I wish he wanted to watch something with John Wayne showing his Buchanan roots. The best/worst part of the show was the Ren and Stimpy mention as now I have "log" stuck in my head.

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