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Saturday, January 14, 2017

GH: Likes & Yikes 2016

Here is my last list of Likes and Yikes for 2016. I'm glad I finished this for "General Hospital" before the end of January.

Likes: That Robin, Patrick and Emma had a happy ending. Thank you show for letting a family leave town together with joy and not sadness.

Yikes: The whole Nikolas Cassadine departure story due to a contract issue with Tyler Christopher after he won a Daytime Emmy. That was so frustrating, and the death of Nik felt meaningless as someone else was playing the part.

Yikes: The Sabrina write-off story was beyond annoying. First off she ends up pregnant with Carlos' baby, which made no sense, then he wasn't dead, which was even more ludicrous. Eventually they were both dead, and their son Teddy ends up with a never-before mentioned twin brother. The whole thing made no sense, but at least Sabrina died in a heroic way saving someone else's life.

Likes/Yikes: The whole Michael Easton returning to GH as a new character was shocking after he played so many other parts. That said, I ended up liking Finn. It was very smart to put him in a story with Jane Elliot's Tracy Q, and keep him away from the cast that interacted with the character during other stories.

Yikes: Lucas and Brad's wedding, they got married in 2016 but it was completely blink and you miss it. It was supposed to be at the ball, but nope. It was at Alexis and Julian's house and barely anyone was there. GH makes it almost impossible to be emotionally invested in this couple.

Yikes: Kristina's sexuality was a story that abruptly ended and now it doesn't matter. Will they get a social issues story "right" on this show?

Likes: Kiki and Dillion, why because they were unexpected. Also Kiki doesn't behave badly with Dillion unlike Morgan. Having them get closer due to being involved in the Nurses Ball made actual sense, and they were somewhat slow burn.

Yikes: The STI story, that was so irresponsible and ridiculous. Wouldn't Morgan have been tested for such things before he was being treated for being bipolar. The idea of anyone having casual sex with Darby without condoms makes no sense.

Yikes: That Ava switched out Morgan's pills even though she once loved him. I get not liking Morgan and Kiki together, but that was cruel, at least she felt remorse at his death.

Likes/Yikes: This is the category for couples where one partner is "bad" and the other "good". Some viewers love the idea of Julian and Alexis, others cannot due to past history. The same could be said for Liz and Franco. Honestly I fall into the ship and let ship, and that's all I'll say. At least in the case of Valentin and Nina, both aren't exactly good, so I can see who will screw up and ruin the relationship.

Yikes: So little Charlotte is Lulu's egg baby with Valentin and neither knew a fetus was being created. That's icky, even if the girl is cute.

Likes: That Elizabeth finally has family in town even if it is a newly created character of Hayden.

Likes: I'm curious who Nelle is, and I like that Bobbie hates her, as she recognizes the scheming. I wish Carly was a bit more skeptical, but losing Morgan and breaking up with Sonny probably has made her put her guard down around the other younger woman.

Likes/Yikes: That TJ finally found out his paternity, but Shawn was off the show, and his mother Jordan didn't get destroyed in her top job at the police force. She even got a love triangle.

Yikes: The breast-feeding story because on a soap in the US you can't really show a woman breast feeding, so it was a bit silly. Also it felt like an excuse to see women in bras.

Likes: Jason isn't exactly out of the mob, but he isn't going around as an enforcer. That makes a lot more sense, as having someone be an active murderer isn't a good thing for a romantic lead.

Yikes: While I like that Laura has a love interest and don't hate her with Kevin, I put this as a yikes due to how he was going to write about her. That made no sense, and I felt that was out of character.

Likes: That Monica finally is treated as a grandmother to Jason's kids, has a good relationship with Sam, and sees Michael. This is something that I've wanted for years and finally happened.

So that's my list for 2016. Let's hope that certain things wrap up and new stories begin that have nothing to do with death, destruction or missing embryos.

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