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Monday, January 9, 2017

B&B: Likes & Yikes 2016

Here is my list of Likes and Yikes for 2016 for "The Bold and the Beautiful".

Likes: This is the most we've seen Eric in years, and I'm glad he only didn't get token appearances in 2016.

Yikes: We get that the family doesn't like Quinn, but the family shouldn't hate Eric. I wish there would be more differentiation of opinion. At least Quinn does something at Forrester unlike many of the other major characters.

Yikes: While I wasn't at all happy with the story with the characters of Ridge, Caroline, and Thomas. (This is a huge understatement, I'm rather frustrated with the disappearing act both Caroline and Thomas have done.) The show did a great disservice to all three characters, and only Ridge remained unscathed. I hope they can fix this, but perhaps that's why Caroline is away so we get some distance & don't remember what happened.

Likes/Yikes: While I'm glad that they haven't broken up Maya and Rick, they aren't on enough to sustain an actual story. They should be a power couple, but instead we see them cooing after a baby. Let them strive and connive together.

Yikes: Where are Julius and Vivienne, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought they'd moved back to Chicago. They need to be doing something/anything.

Likes: That Brooke finally made a decision in her personal life. Regardless of her choice, I wanted her to make one. Now let's see if she regrets choosing Ridge.

Likes: That Katie moved next door to Eric, just cause it reminded the audience that she does have a relationship with people who aren't Bill or Brooke. She even got to interact with Rick though Katie needs to work again.

Likes/Yikes: While I'm not rooting for Steffy to be with Liam or Wyatt, (really wish she could hook up with someone who isn't a Spencer), at least she seems to have made a choice just like Brooke. Of course, this took way too much time that could have been used in other plots.

Likes: The fashion show with the jewelry was one of my highlights of the year. I wish we'd get them on a more regular basis and see designs for the other characters that supposedly have talent.

Yikes: So Zende slept with Sasha again, after thinking that Nicole was going to carry another child for Maya and Rick. While I can understand Zende being upset, screwing her half-sister and former best friend was especially cruel. I don't get why they'd have Zende be so vindictive, but instead of doing anything with it, they have him act the fool. He should be smart enough to know that this would be the worst possible person he could have sex with in Nicole's mind. (The only person worse would have been Nicole's mother, but that's another story.)

So that's my list of likes and yikes for "The Bold and the Beautiful" for 2016. We'll see what happens in 2017 though I figure they'll have to add some chaos into the mix soon.

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