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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Y&R: Likes & Yikes 2016

Here is my list of Likes and Yikes for 2016 for "The Young and the Restless".

Likes: First off, we'll see with the new administration at Y&R, but I like that they have working pasts with Bill Bell, the creator of the show.

Yikes: What is up with Sharon being to blame for everything. Then again this is not a new development. Sandy was evil, and I wish that instead of paying for with her life, she would have revealed her actions regarding the baby.

Likes: Adam was killed in an ambiguous way, which is the best way to go when you have an actor leave for another job, and you don't want to recast.

Likes/Yikes: While Sage's son is alive, since Adam is "dead" that thread isn't going to be explored. Nick is his father for now, which makes sense. Of course, I wish there were more longing looks by Victor or attempts by grandpa to have Connor and Christian spend time together as cousins even though they are brothers.

Yikes: In a little under a year, Abby was married, got pregnant, miscarried due to an insane stepson, and the marriage died. What will come of her now?

Likes: That the show brought Daniel for a visit during his sister's aborted wedding, along with Traci being home for Christmas. Family comes and goes in real life, why not in Genoa City.

Yikes: Anytime that Victor and Phyllis are on the same side that doesn't have to do with Summer's happiness. After Phyllis rightly blamed Victor for being raped by an impostor, watching them agree is upsetting. She was part of why he went to prison, so why on earth would they do anything together.

Yikes: I don't get how everyone enabled Victor. I understand loving someone unconditionally, but once he went to prison they regretted it so quickly. (Of course, there is no way that Victor would have spent years in prison, but I digress.)

Yikes: The "love" triangle with Billy, Jack, and Phyllis. Some viewers like her with one brother, others prefer her with the other. I'm just glad it is over, and I hope all three characters move on for 2017.

Likes: That not every story turned into a couple cheating on one another. Stitch and Abby broke up due to problems with his son and her miscarriage, Luca and Summer broke up over his lies about business, Ashley short relationship with Simon ended as he had to leave town, Cane got injured, but didn't cheat with his physical therapist, and Hilary and Devon's issues have to do with work not another woman.

Likes: That the end of the year seemed to bring a story for Lauren and Jill. It makes me happy to see these two characters have plots.

So that's my 2016 list. I have more thoughts, but these are the ones that came to mind.

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