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Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year's Eve in Soapland 2016

Here is a quick summary of what happened on soaps' for the New Year's Eve holiday.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" didn't celebrate the holiday so don't need to share anything. Steffy planned a special night for Liam, but it wasn't specified.

"Days of Our Lives" had more than one episode focused on New Year's Eve. Highlights included Paul and Sonny kissing after Derrick had enough of Paul leading him on, JJ found out that his one night stand was with Lani, and Gabi found out and broke up with him for good. Kate and Eduardo also smooched. Before midnight, Chad was out with Andre, and Abby went to the park running into Gabi. Abby is a bit shaky. Jade and Joey were happy until she started cramping. She had a miscarriage at the hospital, and everyone was devastated. There was a New Year's Eve event at the Brady Pub, but we only saw them, and Steve and Kayla cleaning up afterwards. Hope didn't have a good New Year's Eve at prison, after Rafe visited with the good news that Stefano was alive, she was stabbed by some fellow prisoners.

"General Hospital" had an unexpected wedding as Nina and Valentin married instead of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie and Nathan couldn't get married as Nathan's divorce to the missing Claudette was never finalized. Maxie also was ill, and destroyed her dress. Robin came for a visit, which was nice though. Lulu and Dante decided they were going to try and get sole custody of her daughter. Michael and Nelle went out again, while Sonny and Carly reconnected in bed. Hayden was recuperating though still in the hospital, Dillon and Kiki spent the New Year trying to get away from each other, and both ended up on a bus to LA. Alexis started having memories of being with Tom Baker the night he was murdered. Franco and Liz admitted to loving one another. Due to preemptions, New's Years lasted a week in Port Charles.

"The Young and the Restless" focused on a charity benefit for the Abbott Winters Foundation that took place in the Newman Tower. It was a hard night for Abby as a year ago, she was married there, and now is getting a divorce. Hilary hosted the event, and Mariah recalled why she tripped and fell during a live broadcast. As an act of revenge, Mariah changed the words on the prompter and Hilary stated that she caused Mariah to fall. Devon was livid, left the party with an expensive car he bought at the auction, and ended up in the hospital. Since Ashley made a deal to get the building for the party, Brash and Sassy didn't have to move. That meant that Cane, Victoria and Billy could attend. Victoria and Billy's stay was cut short by news that Johnny was ill, and at the house Reed appeared. Chelsea and Nick spent a quiet night together at the ranch with Faith. They kissed, but both decided to not go any further as being friends was more important. Ravi kissed Ashley at midnight. Phyllis also told Jack that she was quitting Jabot, and wasn't asking for half the company.

Those were the highlights of New Year's Eve related episodes for 2016 to 2017. I'm glad that they didn't forget the holiday and used it to propel stories.

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