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Monday, January 2, 2017

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - December 2016

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" in December 2016.

Cameron's reign of terror continued. Since Celine figured out what he did, he brought her to the shack where he killed Lockie. Off camera, he offed Celine. He stole her ring, Leela found it and thought it was for their engagement. Cleo wasn't happy seeing Leela with Celine's ring, but couldn't do anything about it. Cameron sent a text as Celine to Tegan and Cleo, so they both believe she is at a retreat with no modern accommodations. Leela had a bachelorette party, and Zack was the stripper. At Christmas, Leela and Cameron were married, and she went into labor. The baby was only seven months old and in distress. Tegan realized the child was mixed race, after seeing a bruise, which Cameron believed was a nurse was abusing the baby. Leela told Cam the truth that he wasn't the child's father. Upon seeing Zack, Cameron assumed he was the father, but in truth it was Louis. He and Simone had reconciled, but Louis said he wanted to be a parent to his biological son named Danny after Leela's late father. Cameron told Leela she had to chose the baby or him, and she decided on her child.

Warren was still seeing Sienna, who was spending time with his son the priest behind their backs. Once the connection was made, Sienna has been avoiding meeting her boyfriend's son. Sienna also tried to gaslight using Theresa's perfume.

Ellie found out that Freddie and her mother Marnie had sex. The first time, Marnie and Freddie didn't know the connection, but the second they did. Lisa thought that everyone found out about her having sex with Mac, but the entire family including Nathan has no clue about that indiscretion. Alfie was livid that Marnie made his beloved Jade lie. He decided to move in with Cindy. The relationship between Nick and Holly came out, which upset Cindy. She didn't want either of them to be doing anything together especially under her roof. Nick had no problems with Cindy keeping the money as he knew the Savage schemes of the past. Freddie spent the holidays in his old house with the Savages, as he had no one to be with as most of his family was dead or out of town.

Joanne was caught and put in an institution. It looks like her story has come to an end. Louis and Simone were back together, but like I wrote about that may not be for good due to baby Danny.

Hunter and Prince became friends with Alfie. He provided the twins with alcohol, and they were bad influences on each other. Hunter and Prince on their own became petty thieves and broke a television. Ste continued to miss his kids. With Dirk's help, Leah was given a tablet to communicate with her Dad. During an argument, Leah got upset ran away from Amy and then fell down the stairs in town. She was in the hospital, and Ste said he had to leave them alone. All Leah wanted was to have a relationship with her Dad. Another fight happened and Ryan mentioned Ste's abuse of Amy. Leah freaked, and Ryan said he lied. Amy got a job at the bean, as Grace offered it to her when they were really busy. Amy and Ryan continued to fight, and Ryan cheated on her with Mercedes. Goldie took a video of Ryan and Mercedes together, and used it to blackmail the copper. She wanted him to get her kids out of legal trouble. He gave her the evidence against her boys, so they wouldn't go to jail.

The Osbornes remained out of town, as Eva was going after them. Eventually no one could deal with it and made a trip home. Tom ran away, was caught as Peri was trying to help, not knowing she was hurting him, and OB helped him escape. Nancy's health was getting worse, and Tegan tried to help. Nick stopped her, and Tegan admitted to self-medicating due to losing Ziggy. Darren said he couldn't take it anymore and no one wanted to go to Ireland except Jack. Eva caught up with them, there was a fight, a gun shot happened as Esther was injured. She's comatose and may not survive. Of course, this situation made everyone hate Jack as he was at fault. As a teen, he framed his brother, Billy, for murder, and now Esther was paying.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for December 2016. The holiday episodes weren't as festive as in years past due to the situation with the Osbornes being the focus. I guess being on the run doesn't make for a lot of Christmas cheer or New Year's Eve kisses.

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