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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Primetime TV Update - January 2017

Here's a quick description of all of the shows I've watched and completed in January 2016. Of course, as always, there is a possibility of spoilers for any prime time show I mention. January had a lot of programs that were of a shorter length.

On BBCAmerica, I watched "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" via on demand. Since it is based on Douglas Adams work, obviously it had its own unique flavor. I wouldn't suggest it for people who don't like science fiction and/or the absurd. There is a mystery and time travel, and well since I didn't read the book I can't compare it to the source material.

On NBC, the end of the first season of "The Good Place" aired. I was happy to hear it is getting a second season, as it ended with a huge twist. The main thing I like about the program is how ludicrous it is, "things like don't show emotion or else to the judge, and people doing just that until they stop and have to act everything in a monotone." Hilarious and weird and that's positive. I also watched the first half "This is Us", which NBC renewed for two seasons after the success of its early episodes. Unlike most network shows, they are only doing 18 every television season. The show is a family drama, and has a split narrative with different time frames about the same family.

On Sundance, I finished the fourth and final season of "Rectify". It is one of those programs that the critics love, but tends to get ignored by everyone else. The short seasons and the subject matter may add to that. The story is about redemption, but really about the life of a family dealing with a long literal imprisonment and trying to break free.

On TNT, I watched "Good Behavior" aka let's see Michelle Dockery playing an American woman from the south who is an addict and a con artist. Lady Mary, she is not, and the violence and sex would make the inhabitants of Downton Abbey flip.

With reality shows, I only completed "Worst Cooks in America" season 2. The only big difference was that there was less time spent on casting then in the first season.

So that's what I've watched and finished during January 2017.  Happy Viewing!

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