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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Days: Regime Change Again

A new year brings yet another change at "Days of Our Lives" as SOD announced changes coming behind the scenes at the program. See below for thoughts.

So Dena Higley is out as head writer, her co-head Ryan Quan is now a creative consultant, Ron Carlivati is in as head writer, and Sheri Anderson (now Sheri Anderson Thomas) is a second creative consultant. This is not the first time that Dena was replaced by Ron, as the same thing happened at "One Life to Live". The revolving chairs of writers in daytime is rather daft.

Dena tweeted the below today:

Anyway this is the first time, Ron has head written for a soap, not produced by Frank Valentini. What this means is a major question. Sheri has a past with Days during much earlier eras, so is she going to be helping with history or tone. Those are the two things that Days needs help with as the program has had so many different shifts that it is difficult to merge styles into something cohesive that many viewers can like.

Is this the new plan to save the show, who knows, but that's Days. I hope this means that it will be around for a little while longer, but with how far in advance Days tapes, the writing is done even earlier, so the changes may only air in late summer or early autumn. Of course, if NBC cancels or Sony sells their entertainment arm, all of this may be moot. but that's a whole other story, viewers should be watching.

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