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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Days: Likes & Yikes

Here is my list of 2016 likes and yikes for "Days of Our Lives".

This year had many things that were mixed bag for me.

Likes/Yikes: Nicole finally gets a baby. Daniel is the father, she didn't have to go through the pregnancy and has no idea Holly is hers. Really, at least she didn't have her embryo stolen from her womb and replanted.

Likes: People go to jail for crimes they committed. How often does that happen in soaps? Of course, Hope may not be guilty. In the long run, Eric going to jail was good if only because Greg Vaughn got a prime time show.

Likes: That Kim and Shane returned for the Theresa write off story. It would have been weird if they hadn't.

Yikes: Stefano being alive again. I just don't get why they are doing this, rest in peace Joe Mascolo. (Yes, I know Days tapes very far in advance, but enough is enough.)

Likes/Yikes: The Adrienne Cancer story. What we've seen about cancer made sense especially the unexpected friendship between Kate and Adrienne. That said, what lead into it was really bad. Perhaps most of it was edited out, but the triangle between Adrienne, Lucas and Justin feels pointless as we didn't see either relationship play out ever or in years.

Likes: That they finally are giving the younger characters something to do that isn't depressing. Seeing Theo not like Valerie and planting a bug on her with Claire's help is a lot better than watching date rape and kidnapping.

Likes/Yikes: They brought Abby back even if she spent too much time hidden in an attic. My favorite part of all of it was finding out that Andre is now her friend and that her grandmother tried to help her.

Likes: Days having Chad, Gabi, and Abby in a story makes sense though I hope that none of them become institutionalized or incarcerated.

Likes/Yikes: While it is upsetting how Drake Hogestyn got hurt on set and wasn't available for work for months, I'm liking how they are using Dee Hall. While it is weird that John isn't in play, having Dee on as Hattie means she works without having to use Marlena.

Likes/Yikes: The rogue's gallery story where the murders teamed up and tormented others was better in concept than actuality. For example Orpheus sounded like himself when he kidnapped Kayla and Marlena.

Likes: That Kayla no longer has a head injury, even though that was the only thing that explained her bizarre behavior. That said I was relieved when that mess with Ava ended as it seemed like Days wanted Steve and Kayla apart just cause they could.

Yikes: I finally started to almost like Philip again, and it was announced the character was being written out of the show.

Yikes: The Deimos situation as the time frame made no sense. Why because 30 years ago, we know what Victor was doing, as Philip and Brady are over 30. (Of course, in real time that close to when Victor first came to Salem, but I digress.) Also his action against Maggie was disgusting and upsetting on so many levels robbing her of her mobility.

Likes/Yikes: That we finally got movement on the Paul and Sonny story though it was the last day of the year.

So that's my list of Likes & Yikes for Days in 2016. I hope we get more romance and less destruction in Salem for 2017.

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