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Friday, February 6, 2015

Y&R: The Battle for Faith

This week on "The Young and the Restless", Faith's custody situation was resolved as Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Josh Morrow) went to court. Below are my thoughts on the latest developments.

Nick won full custody of Faith, though on Nick's discretion, Sharon could visit their daughter. During the trial Mariah (Camryn Grimes) told the truth of what Faith told her about Sage (Kelly Sullivan) being partially dressed in Nick's home. This upset Sharon, and she had an outburst in front of everyone. Noah (Robert Adamson) also admitted how bipolar disorder doesn't have a cure. The only person who seemed happy about what was happening was Summer (Hunter King) who has a legitimate reason for hating Sharon because of how Phyllis spent a year in a coma and how she lied to everyone about Summer being an Abbott after changing a DNA test. That being said, Summer isn't an innocent, but if she was understanding of Sharon's behavior I'd see her as being written as "too nice".

Sharon was devastated and went back to her home alone. Mariah and Noah felt guilty over what happened as they are stuck in the middle, but they had to be honest. She felt like all of her children abandoned her, and she had no reason to continue to take her medication. Thankfully, Nick called after Faith had such an awful nightmare that wouldn't allow her to sleep. The call convinced Sharon to take her pills. Sharon visited with her daughter, and comforted her. Nick also told Sharon that they would discuss her visitation in a few days.

One thing I found rather amusing is that the actor who played the judge seemed familiar. Once I read the credits I discovered why as it was Joel Brooks, who many years ago was on the CBS sitcom "My Sister Sam". He just is older and has white hair now, but sounds the same. If one watches old episodes of Pyramid on GSN, he's occasionally one of the celebrity players.

While I'm glad that Faith's custody is resolved for now, I'm not really a fan of using Sharon's illness against her. I can see why a judge would be worried about Sharon's behavior, but couldn't something be done legally to make sure that she continues to seek treatment for her bipolar disorder. The idea that Nick could just leave Genoa City with Faith without Sharon's approval would be one step too far for me, and is something that really bugs me about Reed's custody, but I digress. At least Sharon, has hope that things could change in the future. That being said, I don't want Sharon and Nick back together for a long time even if I'm unsure who I'd like to see each character paired with in the future.

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