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Friday, February 13, 2015

Thoughts about GH Now! Episodes 4 - 6

Here are my thoughts on episodes four to six of GH Now!, which are posted at abc.com.

GH: Now! is a web talk and entertainment show hosted by Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis). Each episode discussed in this blog entry are between 7 and 11 minutes long. The episodes I'm writing about here are "Epic Breakups & Viewer Mail Bag", "Wedding Dresses" and "Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line".

"Epic Breakups & Viewer Mail Bag" starts with Nancy getting kissed by not only "Julian and Jerry, but also Nina", though Nancy says she doesn't even work with her. Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) is on the couch as the GH cast guest star and comedians Sarah Colonna and Jimmy Pardo are with them. Sarah is best known for Chelsea Lately, while Jimmy is from Conan's show. The actors then read fan mail Kristen Alderson is asked if it easy to play a slut, Kelly Monaco has a fan of her work on Dancing with the Stars, who doesn't like her on GH, Ryan Paevey is asked how much he'd ask to come mow the fan's lawn shirtless, Kirsten Storms has a fan who has to close her eyes when Maxie acts stupid, Wally Kurth is asked by a fan to send him an autographed picture of Maurice Benard even though Wally is their favorite actor on the show, Epiphany (they don't know her real name is Sonya Eddy) is told she needs to be more like Solange in the elevator instead of Beyonce, Laura Wright gets a letter how she's the favorite of one fan, but only their third favorite Carly, which she responds with a curse word, and Michelle Stafford has a "blank" and she jokes she was found out. Lisa does a quiz of is this a medical term or food. The end has blooper clips.

"Wedding Dresses" starts with a joke of Nancy visiting dressing rooms like Laura Wright, Nicholas Bechtel, and we see inside of Nancy's broom closet. Kirsten Storms (Maxie) with baby Harper and Brandon comes to get the baby falling down on the set accidentally. They are on the couch with comedians Sarah Colonna and Kristina Wong. They discuss wedding dresses looking at pictures from the past with humor and everyone forgot that Kirsten played Frisco & Felicia's daughter. There is a parody ad for Corinthos Coffee starring Max and Milo. The ladies then play "Draw This!" which is like "Win Lose or Draw", with GH themed words Kristina and Kirsten were one team and Sarah and Nancy where the other. The show ends with Laura Wright thinking that Nancy's dressing room is a bathroom.

"Nip & Tuck and a Race to the Finish Line" starts with Nancy outside of the GH set, and how Grey's Anatomy tapes on the same lot. Nancy is on the couch with comedians Jen Kober and Jackie Kashian with Ian Buchanan (Duke) though sadly there is no new information about him. They then show a gurney race on set with GH's executive producer Frank Valentini as the referee. Kristen Alderson and Ryan Carnes are on one team and Emme Rylan and Ryan Paevey are on the other. Nancy and Sean Blakemore are also on Kristen/Ryan's team, while Vinessa Antoine and Chad Duell are on  Emme/Ryan's team. The first group have to take selfies with Robin Mattson's Heather Webber, while the second group has to take BLT's from her.  Emme, Ryan, Vinessa and Chad won, so they won't have to sing in the Nurses Ball. Ian and the comedians play a game about illnesses or legal terms. Ian knows all the illnesses, which is rather amusing. The episode ended with a thank you as it was the last one taped.

We'll see if there will be more episodes of GH Now! I think it was a good idea to promote the show and also get people to visit ABC.com. I tend to watch ABC shows on demand instead of using their website, so if it wasn't for social media I wouldn't have known about this project. I do wish there was more time with the actors on the couch. Most of them are funny enough without the need of extra people though the comedians included may get people to watch who aren't GH fans.

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