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Monday, February 2, 2015

Days: 6 Random Thoughts for February 2015

Here are my 6 random thoughts for Days of Our Lives this February 2015.
  1. Is the park the new place to be killed? EJ was murdered there on Clyde's orders and now Clyde was offed on Victor's command. Seriously the idea that no one will find Mr. Weston until Spring is kind of morbid.
  2. Rafe is in charge of Victor's new club after being tossed off the police force due to protecting his sister Gabi. Seriously, Roman has done the same for his family members and hasn't lost his job. That's crazy, but what's weirder is the club was started in an episode seemingly and has no name. I know Victor is a "godfather", but I didn't think he was the male version of Cinderella's godmother.
  3. So Paul slept with Will and still wants Sonny, and Sonny has no clue that Will cheated on him with his former boyfriend. This plot probably will blow up soon, though what's the big deal that an MLB player was gay.
  4. Theresa telling Paige to check out JJ's phone is the best advice I've ever heard. Seriously, that is an awesome way to find out what or whom JJ has been doing. Of course, Paige is going to flip when most of the texts are between JJ and her Mother Eve.
  5. Daniel and Nicole's new relationship ended before it began again. I still don't really care about Serena's secret or anything like that. I just want it to be known and move on already.
  6. Aiden seems somewhat insane. Why should I want him with Hope? If he is trouble, I don't understand how Ciara has been fooled. I can believe Hope trusting him due to the sex, but Ciara is a kid and smarter than her mother.
Those are my six random thoughts about Days of Our Lives. I did find it funny seeing them advertising their 50th year on the bottom of the screen now in February as it began in November, so unless they are going to be doing historical stuff soon it is way too early.

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