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Thursday, February 19, 2015

B&B: Bill & Katie Wed Again

Just a few days after Valentine's Day, Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie (Heather Tom) were married again on "The Bold and the Beautiful". The couple, who divorced completed their reconciliation, by a ceremony in their home. See below for my thoughts on this event.

Bill and Katie's marriage fell apart, due to Katie's post-pardum depression causing her to act irrationally, leaving Bill along and setting him up with her sister Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Eventually Katie realized her mistake, but it was too late and Brooke and Bill were intimate. They divorced and Katie tried to hurt Bill by leveraging stocks and become CEO. Bill tricked Katie, and got his job back. Brooke helped, which horrified me. Eventually though Katie became happy again as she got involved with Brooke's former love Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Ridge and Katie realized they were better friends than lovers, and the relationship ended. Brooke left town for a bit and worked at Forester International. During this time, Bill and Katie got back together. Bill proposed again knowing what he wanted and Katie agreed.

Brooke came back and was alone as none of the men who she had dated, married or had children with was interested in her. She drank way too much before Bill and Katie's wedding. Her dress was inappropriate for most services, her walk down the aisle a mess and her speech a jumble. While I understand why Katie would want Brooke to be there for her, I wish that she had picked someone else to stand up for her like Donna. Bill's choice of best man was easier, and due to Wyatt's (Darin Brooks) recent problems, he asked his "newer" son to stand up for him, though both Wyatt and Liam (Scott Clifton) did readings at the wedding. Little Will was also part of the event for his parents, but obviously as a 2-year-old couldn't be best man. The event was officiated by Carter (Lawrence St. Victor) and a joke was made about how often he does this for Foresters which is true. The wedding was sweet and small and allowed nearly everyone to interact outside of work.

The reunion was rather quick, but I welcomed it. They are the only married couple now in LA played by regular characters, and I feel that it would be strange if no one was wed. There are some devoted couples, but all of them have less history than Bill and Katie. I hope that the Spencers stay together for a long time, not because I'm a huge Bill and Katie must be together fan, but due to the need of having stability on the canvas. The characters have a young child and I'd rather see them fight together than each other.

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