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Friday, February 20, 2015

DAYS: Will, Sonny & Paul

The triangle of Will (Guy Wilson), Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Christopher Sean) dealt with the fallout from Sonny discovering that Will and Paul had sex. This story has been going on for months, and finally things are happening. Below are my thoughts on the material through the episode that aired on February 20, 2015.

Paul was a MLB pitcher, with a serious injury who lived in the closet throughout his professional sports career. He and Sonny had a relationship off screen that ended because Sonny couldn't accept that wanted him to live in the shadows. Will and Paul met because of Will's freelance writing gig with Sonix. They became close and had sex though neither of them wanted a relationship. Will hid his marriage to Sonny from Paul, which was the wrong thing to do. Due to his guilt, Will admitted what happened to his Grandmother Kate (Lauren Koslow). Kate told him to lie, and he did. Paul came out to his family over the phone before the article was released.  Paul felt great relief, when instead of rejection, he got a response of pride from his traditional Japanese grandfather. Sonny found out about Will and Paul and was devastated. He was mugged, and nearly died in surgery. Paul donated the blood that saved Sonny's life. Will was stunned when he found out that Sonny was the guy that Paul loved.

All of the characters in this triangle are wrong to some extent. Will was wrong to cheat on Sonny, Paul was wrong to go after Sonny and Sonny was wrong to keep quiet about Paul. If Paul had known that Will and Sonny are married, his actions would seem a lot more negative. I'm surprised they didn't go in that direction having him "seduce" Will to get Sonny back into his life. None of the guys are "perfect" or "evil" and I find that refreshing. Obviously the characters will have to decide on which relationship to continue. I'm not sure at this point who I want Sonny with: Paul, Will or someone new. We'll see what happens on Days of Our Lives.

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