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Monday, February 16, 2015

GH: Kristen Alderson's Last Episode

Today (February 16, 2015) marked Kristen Alderson's last day on General Hospital. While she was playing the role of Kiki Jerome, the character's goodbye was more about her prior role on One Life to Live as Starr Manning.

Her last aired scenes on GH were with Roger Howarth who played her on screen Dad on One Life to Live when Kristen was a child. Since Franco was out of it, he believed that Kiki was his daughter, but in actuality the scenes were more about Todd saying goodbye to his beloved Starr. Due to the lawsuit situation no character names could be mentioned. There was a reference to her Mom, Blair and how their relationship didn't work. As she left, she sent him a kiss goodbye, but it almost felt that was to the audience and not just to Franco.

If one is/was a One Life to Live fan and doesn't watch GH this would be something to check out, but the scene wasn't so intrusive to be annoying to GH fans. At one point Franco was lied to and told that Kiki was his daughter, so it wasn't that far fetched.

I wish Kristen Alderson the best in her future life as she's seeing what's out there beyond soap operas. Hopefully she'll find what she's looking for and if she continues acting that she'll let us know what she's up to in her career.

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