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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Soap Stars in Other Places: Alison Sweeney on "Singled Out"

The 90s MTV game show "Singled Out" was famous for being the dating show of its generation. The show aired in the late afternoons and was originally hosted by Chris Hardwick (now best known for Nerdist) and Jenny McCarthy (who is best known for her opinions). This partial episode from 1996 has Alison Sweeney as the contestant.

The episode is in two parts and are embedded here. If the links stop working the YouTube videos got moved or deleted.

Part 1

Part 2

The basic premise of the show is that a single lady or gentlemen asked questions to find the "perfect" person to go out to dinner with based on the answers. The program started with 50 people, who were eliminated based on categories that were asked before the show. This cut it down to seven to eight finalists, who had to do challenges or answer individual questions. Once two people were picked the rest had to go into "sudden death" to get the final spot. In the last round, the three remaining singles had to match the picker. Whomever got the most matches first won the date. Other than the fact that Ali talks about Sami in the opening how the only nice thing she did was send her mom a Mother's Day card, this is a very typical episode. If you watched the show "Boy Meets World" and never watched "Singled Out" you may be familiar with it as there was an episode where Eric was a contestant.

This is a fun flashback to 90s hair and clothing. Even though it is a dating show, it wasn't really raunchy. The clips are less than 12 minutes in total so if you miss Ali on Days and want an old school Sami fix check out these videos. Thank you daysofyesteryear for posting.

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