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Saturday, February 7, 2015

GH: Luke is Fluke

So General Hospital, finally told the audience that the Luke (Tony Geary) impostor was actually Luke after all and not someone in a mask. Below are my thoughts on this latest development.

Luke, the real Luke, is in cahoots with Helena (Constance Towers) and others to bring Sonny (Maurice Benard) down without a care of the consequences. Everyone thought he was a fake, and for a time thought he even was Bill Eckert back from the dead as even his extended family wasn't safe. Luke thought it was okay that his nephew Lucas was shot, and just this past week Luke allowed his sister Bobbie and his daughter Lulu to nearly be blown up on the Haunted Star. He almost also killed his son-in-law Dante. The one good thing with Luke being Luke IMO is that it means that Tracy didn't unknowingly sleep with the wrong man. That may seem like a small positive, but it really is one.

Even if Luke is himself, is he in his right mind? Is it mind control perpetuated by Helena or has Luke become as crazy as Heather Webber? I'm glad we're at the point that we know Luke is really Luke, but I hope we don't have to wait another year to find out "why". I don't mind longer stories, but I'm not really a fan of something that doesn't make soap logic. Why would Luke attack his family unless we later find out that they aren't real after all and just fakes. Now that would be a gas, everything in Port Charles we've been seeing for the last year or more isn't real and Luke is destroying the awfulness. That would be the most extreme reset button yet, and I wouldn't put it past that show to go in such a direction. We'll see what happens either way to everyone in Port Charles.

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