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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 16

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode sixteen (May 29, 2013) of All My Children.

Opal is surprised that David is at the door, he is looking for Pete. Pete and Celia are in NYC, it is their last night there. He mentions going to a concert. She asks if he was with another girl, what would he want to be doing. Opal comes back into the living room and David is sitting down there as she hadn't locked the door after she slammed it in his face. David mentions how he may be the only hope for Cortlandt Electronics, though Opal feels that would make Palmer spin in his grave. Celia tells Pete that she is falling in love with him. They kiss and she sees the guy in the mirror and freaks out again. At Jane's Addiction, David is about to hold a press conference. Pete sees the press conference on television in New York City. He goes off on the television and then calls to get legal on it.

Cara comes back to the Chandlers and finds that JR is upset. AJ and Miranda are at Jane's Addiction. She is being snubbed by a group of girls. Heather, Celia's friend, invites Miranda over to sit with her though they don't know of the connection. AJ tells Kyle that he didn't try the steroids as JR found them before he could. JR mentions to Cara how he has no interest in drinking unlike before, and Brooke comes into the room. He mentions to Brooke that people are guilty until proven innocent then he realizes what he did to AJ. Hunter makes a rude comment about Heather and Miranda, which AJ overhears. He starts to attack Hunter, but Miranda pulls him away saying it isn't worth it. Back at home, JR apologizes to AJ for accusing him. AJ though doesn't trust him when it comes to alcohol.  Brooke, JR and Cara watch David's press conference on a laptop.

Billy Clyde is with Smithers who is his best customer, who has been going somewhere else. Billy blackmails him saying if you don't tell me who you are using, your wife will be getting pictures. Billy threatens him with a knife, and the john explains why as the gentleman's club women would do things that Billy Clyde's women would not. Billy Clyde means the chauffeur who puts a blindfold on to bring him to the club. Zach and Lea talk about seeing Cassandra's video. She wants to share it with Jesse, while Zach feels that this will kill him. Jesse overhears this fight. Uri slaps Vlad over Cassandra. Jesse sees part of the video and realizes it is Cassandra and falls apart. They figure out the menu as an ADR -for Adriano's and Jesse knows where that is. They find 136 Bleeker where they get a lot of food, and it is an abandoned building. Billy Clyde is also there and Lea arrests him even if he did nothing wrong yet.

General thoughts about the episode:

Having a press conference in a coffee shop made zero sense. It would have been better if they had David outside on the street instead of a restaurant. This also gave me a flashback to no money soap opera, so I didn't care for it. Jesse knowing that restaurant so quickly was funny though he bounced back too fast from seeing Cassandra being in such an awful video. Having Heather and Miranda interact was unexpected though I wish Miranda would have mentioned knowing Celia to tie them together. Heather knowing what was up with Miranda due to social media though made sense due to how the show has been emphasizing such things.

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