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Thursday, May 2, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 4

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary on episode four (May 2, 2013) of All My Children.

Miranda is in AJ's room, but he is fully dressed and she's in a dark pink bra and a pair of jeans (you can see the top of her underpants too.) Brooke was allowing her to try on some of Colby's clothes before her date with Hunter. AJ mentions how everyone wanted to get into Colby's pants even if Miranda says they are really small.  AJ helps Miranda get into them. She says no more carbs, that said you can see her ribs so she isn't big at all. AJ thinks that Hunter is a walking ho and a douche bag. Miranda comes out in a yellow shirt with butterflies on it without wearing a bra. He doesn't think it is appropriate, calling her trailer trash and they argue. They start making up and Bianca comes in with a new shirt after Bianca comments the jeans look way too tight. Hunter comes to the Chandler Mansion to pick Miranda up and is introduced to everyone. Hunter and Miranda are at Jane's Addiction, and asks her to draw something. AJ not knowing that Miranda and Hunter are on a date comes to the coffee shop. Sally who graduated last year comes to say hello.  Sally is bi, and Hunter thinks because of Miranda's mom being a lesbian that she would like the idea of them having a party. Sally is in a band, has drugs and she may want to have sex with either of them. Miranda gets offended and goes to leave, while AJ punches Hunter for offended his best friend.

Bianca goes to Marissa's grave, leaving flowers and talking to her. She is telling her about Miranda's first serious date, and how AJ is doing.

Celia tells Brooke how she will be cut off if she continues to volunteer at the Miranda Center. Brooke is disappointed and hopes things will work out for her.

Jesse and Zach are still talking and Angie comes home early from work. Zach says that the kids are safe with Kendall. Angie tells them that David is out of prison and back in Pine Valley. Angie tells Jesse that she feels like David has suffered enough. Jesse freaks out that Angie went to the parole board to help get David released. Cassandra is still being held hostage, but nothing new happens in the story.

David wants to talk to Cara alone, while Griff objects. Cara runs after her brother and tells him that she needs to face him some time. Griff doesn't want Cara to tell him the truth, but she swears she can handle it. Cara tells David that she never read his letter as she burned them. She is still wearing the necklace he got her. David is frustrated that Cara won't tell him anything about their child including whether or not it is a boy or a girl.

David looks at JR's chart. Then he has a speech where he explains how to pull a person off life support. David does the steps including silencing the machines, though he doesn't kill him. Eventually David plugs in the machine more securely and says that JR is in a prison too. We see a flashback to what happened and how David unsuccessfully tried to keep JR from hurting anyone and then he shot him.

Celia comes back to her room and finds a tablet that says 'touch me'. Pete leaves a video message for her, and tells her to go look out the window. He's outside holding a rose.

General comments on the episode:

What was up with the dog picture on AJ's desk? Will we see this dog on screen? Also AJ had his guitar again, but I'm not sure it was the same one. Due to money issues, I guess Miranda and Bianca don't have a home as we've only seen her at the Chandlers or in public. Having AJ calling Miranda trailer trash was odd considering his mother's side of the family would be better called that unlike Miranda's family. David spent a good long time in JR's room and no one entered, that was surprising. We finally found out what happened on the final episode after it came to a close. It is ironic and tragic that another of David's children died. That said what is it with having the person in the same sex relationship (AMC never specified if Marissa was bisexual or a lesbian) ends up dead. (See Reid on As the World Turns as another example of this in daytime soaps or Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

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