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Thursday, May 9, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 8

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode eight (May 9, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Dorian and Jack are talking at a table outside, a girl comes in and wants a photo with her. Jack mentions how the gaming console he wants cost too much. Another random local goes off on Dorian, and Todd walks over to them. Dorian walks away after telling Todd he looks horrible. Jack says this is his dream game console it is 3500, and Todd wants to give him the money, but Jack declines it.

Dorian is alone and says how the Pellegrino fund scam would be a tragedy to join as it could cost someone everything. Dorian wants to move her investments as she talked to Frank on the phone. She's telling Frank about the Pellegrino situation, but doesn't want to get arrested for insider trading. Dorian comes over to Viki's office and they have an awkward conversation. Dorian is lying and being nice to Viki, but they obviously don't trust one another.

Dani tells Tea she is moving out and is packing her bags. Michelle and Matthew are talking online about music. He suggests that Jeffrey needs to exercise so he gives the finger to Jeffrey.  Todd goes to Tea's to see Dani. He is helpful about her moving in with Matthew and Jeffrey, but mumbles something about her going to school. Todd is with Dani, Matthew and Jeffrey at the new apartment. On top of getting the leather sofa he wants to get them a large TV. The guys says they have their computer, but he says 3D though the place is supposed to be a parent-free zone. They say okay Todd can come over for the Super Bowl. When alone, Dani wants to set up some rules like having a chart for chores, putting toilet paper on the back of the bowl isn't changing it and her moisturizer is not for them. Tea and Victor speak some more and share I love you as she has to go. Victor goes back to Todd's and switches out the alcohol. While out, Victor sees the tattoo on someone else and leaves.

Bo brings Nora into his office for lunch and covers her eyes. They are going to Bora Bora, and they have virgin drinks, and a tropical lunch. Bo makes a comment about a DJ name being Jennie Jen. Bo set up a blogtalkradio show for Nora. She decides that and they starts kissing as tropical music plays.

Clint is talking to Frank on the phone about Viki.  Frank is sharing the information about the Pellegrino fund. Clint puts his feet up on the desk, and thinks about it.  Clint finds Todd coming into Viki's office and calls him Mr. Manning. Viki just is back as there was trouble in the newsroom. Both Todd and Clint think she should invest. Clint leaves for BE, and Viki and Todd talk about their family. The paper was their father's and she feels the need to save it even if he was an awful person. Viki says this would be risky to put money in one thing, but it needs money now. He says she's an inspiration as she has so much passion. She tells him that she really loves him.

General thoughts about this episode:

Dorian's plan to screw with Viki is underway, though I don't understand how Dorian knew that Viki would jump at that investment. Jack not wanting the money from Todd, while Dani agreeing to it was interesting. I wonder if Nora's radio show will be an extra going forward though the references to Bora Bora were a shout out to their couple name. Clint wearing boots was a nice touch. Viki's office looking like that and being at "The Banner" was surprising as it didn't look corporate enough.

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