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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 11

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode eleven (May 15, 2013) of One Life to Live.

David is with Leo who is explaining the shot. Nora opens the door, she has a green facial mask on and her hair up in curlers so she is not ready for any sort of broadcast as she is in the middle of her beauty routine. David convinces Nora to do it and David and Leo are outside again. They try and Nora can't talk, so David wants to reschedule. David and Leo leave.

Viki is at the hospital with Todd after Victor tried to strangle him. Todd looks fine, but is waiting for results he is not in a bed. He is released and Viki and Todd leave together. Bo is at the hotel trying to get evidence about Todd, but feels Viki's brother is lying about his attack. Bo argues with Todd, and tells him they started a manhunt looking for Victor. Todd mentions how Victor told him that he was trying to poison him. Bo get the decanter bagged and goes back to the police station. Natalie and Bo talk about the decanter and so far all she knows is the decanter has scotch. Never bet against a Buchanan man is what she found out from her daddy, but Bo wants to bet anyway. Natalie says there was no arsenic, Bo starts swearing though stops before he says the f-word. Bo leaves and then Natalie looks again. Natalie finds arsenic on the stopper, and tells Bo that someone was poisoning Todd.

Matthew is showing off in front of a camera. Dani comes in said that she is willing to help him get photos and videos for his online crush. Dani tells him he looks pale, and says he should use some self-tanning. Matthew then starts rubbing her, after she was too strong with him. Dani takes a lot of new photos of Matthew. Dani shows Matthew how to lick peanut butter sexily. Matthew comes out wearing just a towel.

Viki and Clint talk about the Pellegrino Fund. Clint tells her that he shouldn't have put 5 million dollars in one investment. The engaged couple run into Destiny and Jeffrey, who had been talking about their respective jobs with The Banner. Clint tells Destiny that she can call him Clint and makes a comment about Matthew not working while at home. Outside, Jeffrey convinces Destiny to bring Drew to visit Matthew. Drew, Jeffrey and Destiny walk in on Matthew and Dani on the sofa. They get the wrong idea, and Destiny quickly departs with the baby.

Blair and Cutter are fighting over money and the 1000 per bottle champagne. They talk about Nikki, and how she has followers. Cutter says that they are a lot alike that they are both capitalists. She calls him full of **it. Todd goes to see Blair and she makes a joke of him being in a psych ward for a 72 hour evaluation. Blair throws Todd out after they spar. She doesn't believe his story.

General thoughts about this episode:

Unfortunately there was no follow up of when Destiny left baby Drew with Matthew. It was great seeing Bo at work and the cursing made me laugh. The part about Natalie and Bo betting was appropriate considering the family poker nights. Blair not agreeing with Todd made sense, but Blair and Cutter being friendly was a new wrinkle as she's his boss and not his friend. Viki's risk may end up with her paying though I hope Todd and Clint don't get blamed. Nora and David's interaction was fluff, and I wonder when Nora will get to do something more serious.

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