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Friday, May 17, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 12

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twelve (May 16, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Dani finds her mom Tea putting away little Victor's nursery. Tea says she is the mom and should be worrying about her not vice versa.

David and Vimal are at the coffee shop. It is a pre-interview for his reality show. Cutter comes in and he finds out about the open marriage. They both say that he needs to go out and sleep with other women.

Clint gives Viki plane tickets to go Paris for their honeymoon. Viki tells him they aren't married yet, and he wants to do that right away. She wants it to be perfect, and he says that's for the young. They could get married now it doesn't matter how. She wants the family to be there, but he convinced her to marry him tonight. Before they can leave to go to City Hall, Jack comes in asking for Viki's guidance so Clint and Viki's plans were for naught.

Todd goes to the Cramer house to tell Jack thank you for saving his life. They argue about Victor. Todd says that it counts for something that Jack didn't let him die even if the only reason he came by was to tell them he destroyed the hard drive.

Matthew gets a phone call from Michelle. Dani and Matthew talk as she is back at the apartment. Dani says she wishes her parents could be normal.

Destiny is with Nora, she's leaving Drew for the afternoon as she has to go to the doctor and go grocery shopping. Nora gives Destiny gifts and she says it feels like charity that she cannot accept.  Nora tries to remind Destiny that they are her family too. Nora shows Destiny some of Matthew's kiddie clothing. He lived in a cowboy outfit and if not that a fireman's uniform. She also shows Matthew's teddy bear. They both wish things were different and that Matthew would want to be part of Drew's life.

Bo calls Tea and asks her to come to the police station regarding Victor. Natalie shares with Bo that the body they found in the river died via strangulation. Tea comes in and then asks why do they have a photo of Victor's arm. She explains the tattoo is on the inside of Victor's left wrist. Tea gives them a handkerchief to check the DNA. Natalie comes over and tells Tea that it was a DNA match. Now Natalie feels like Todd's story is making sense. Tea goes to the computer and finds in the history about arsenic.

We see an arm looking at the monitors that looks to be male.

General thoughts about this episode:

Clint, the billionaire flying to Paris on a commercial flight surprised me, as I thought he would have a jet with a pilot to whisk them away to the Ritz. The part with Destiny and Nora was cute, but Matthew at five wasn't a Buchanan yet so him liking cowboy clothing is a bit funny. Did Matthew know he was Asa's grandson instinctively? I liked that Tea didn't lie about the tattoo to the cops. Jack ruining Clint and Viki's elopement plans, well it didn't seem like Viki was too upset.

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