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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 3

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary on episode three (May 1, 2013) of All My Children.

Opal and Pete walk in on Brooke and Adam kissing (that is shown in the opening credits) and talking about the night before where they seemingly had some fun. Winifred who is unseen was missing and didn't announce them.

Celia is complaining to Evelyn again about her life. She says that eventually has to find out who this mystery man is. Celia ends up at the Chandler mansion. She notices Pete as he walks away with Adam to discuss business. Pete left for his meeting with Harris. Opal erased Celia's document, so Celia and Pete could spend some time together. Once back at Bramwell Hall, Celia finds out that her benefactor wants her to stop volunteering at the Miranda Center.

Jesse is still looking for Cassandra, and Zach comes in sharing that he checked out the car. The whole casino business has gotten dangerous. Kendall is mentioned and how she left Zach due to the fear. Cassandra is being held by Vlad, who is a new character that somehow ties into Zach.

Cara hides underneath a desk at the hospital as she sees David. David literally walks into Angie. Cara and Griff speak about the situation and how she wants to avoid David, while Angie and David catch up about what has been going on in Pine Valley. Cara had come back because of a former patient named Mackenzie whose cancer had returned. Angie spoke to the parole board on his behalf, which is why he was free.  David hears Cara mention her guilt over what she has done as the episode ended.

So today's episode had no shirtless men and no next time on AMC. We were able to see in the background that the room in the hospital said JR Chandler, so that must be who Dixie was visiting. Other than the fact it was confirmed that Celia wasn't a student at Bramwell Hall and graduated nothing really happened on that front. Cara and David saw each other, and perhaps we'll get a clue what happened to their missing child. We also found out that Winifred is still in town, so she must have not been killed five years ago.

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