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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 3

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary on episode three (May 1, 2013) of One Life to Live.

It is a new day, but Snoop doesn't show up to tell us that. Todd has fallen asleep in the waiting room at the hospital. Viki wakes him and tells him he has to see someone. Todd tells Viki about what happened in Port Charles. That he was dating someone who was worse than Blair, and he is glad that relationship ended. Jeffrey and Matthew come in asking about Dani. Jeffrey's news about Dorian was broken online. 

Dorian, Blair and David are together talking about Dorian's problems. Sam comes in asking if Dorian wants to play Angry Birds. (That said while I enjoy Angry Birds, I was more obsessed with it last year.) He has a sandwich, which David ends up eating getting jelly on the sofa and he tells Sam that he is to blame for the mess. David doesn't know how to text correctly and Sam gave him instructions. Dorian calls her office, and the receptionist doesn't want to put her through at first. Eventually she comes up with a plan of getting out her side of the story. David suggests she goes on Anderson Cooper, and she loves that idea. 

Tea is at Dani's bedside. She tells her daughter that she needs to see someone. Dani starts freaking out thinking that she's hallucinating, when Victor walks into the room. They eventually hug. Todd comes in and as the parents fight Dani tells them to stop. Dani then says it is okay and that she wants to talk to Todd alone. She shares the reason that she called him was because she wanted to punch him. Dani wants to go, but Todd says that she needs to stay 72 hours because she tried to kill herself and needed permission of the hospital to go. Dani tells Todd how she felt invisible, and that Tea ignored her after she came back after looking for Tomas. 

Jeffrey and Matthew are at the coffee shop on their MacBooks. Nora walks in and apologizes to Matthew after Jeffrey leaves the table. Nora explains that however old Matthew gets he will always be her baby. He says that he'll bring laundry home, and she says as long as it isn't a girl's underwear. Tea goes to see Matthew and Jeffrey at the coffee shop. She threatens Matthew that if Dani starts using again and isn't told he will live to regret it. 

Viki and Victor finally reunite, he explains how Allison wasn't the only person holding him hostage. He was able to break free and see everyone. Viki's emotional hearing all of this news. Tea come back with coffee, Viki is gone and Victor is missing. Victor and Tea come in throw Todd out, with Victor telling Todd to never go near his family again. 

Nora goes home to Bo, who is working on paperwork. Their home is too quiet, no video game noise, no music. They get frisky and start kissing.

Viki goes to Dorian's house and Blair answers the door. David is happy to see Viki, but knows Dorian won't be. Dorian comes in and mentions how she will be on Meet the Press. Dorian says Viki wants to bring her down, and Viki tells Dorian that she should tell everyone that she is resigning from office.

I appreciated that there were some longer scenes on this episode compared to the first two. Viki was allowed to interact with both of her brothers and we got to see character point of view. The most amusing part was how Tea had no idea who Jeffrey was and didn't understand why he had anything to do with Dani. This showed that Jeffrey isn't going to be written as beloved from day one. Sam provided some comedy, though I wonder how he will react to finding out that both Todd and Victor are back in Llanview.

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