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Monday, June 29, 2015

Days: What I Wish & What I Miss - June 2015

This installment is what I miss and wish I could see on "Days of Our Lives". I did a post like this about Days over a year ago, and I wanted to see if my feelings have changed.

What I miss: Strong intelligent male characters that aren't grey that are driving story.

Well I still miss this, but it isn't as bad as it was. Maybe it will get better for the 50th please.

What I miss: I wrote about characters my issue with people having kids too early and them seemingly being aged too fast. 

This actually is less of a problem as Abby is in a triangle with Ben and Chad, which as of this writing has neither guy being evil or insane. Will and Sonny have major problems, and a triangle with Paul and aren't baby obsessed anymore either. 

What I miss: Couples that matter and would have laughter and tears.

Days still doesn't have a strong young couple as Will and Sonny will be off the table relatively soon. (With Days taping so far in advance it is hard to tell.) I hope they get this together. 

What I miss:

Rooting for the good guys, instead of the bad guys. Currently I'm actually rooting more for the good guys, so that's an improvement. Of course, the story is about an elephant. I also find it very strange how Victor has a nephew named Xander, from a brother we don't know, while Justin also has a child of that name that is off canvas. I was watching, waiting and wondering why no one recognized Justin's kid, but then realized they just had the same name. Victor again has some bite and is being recalled as a villain. I like that as he isn't a sweet grandfather figure. 

What I wish:

That everyone in Salem had a story with more diversity in the cast. It is sad when you think about Days 25 years ago having more people of color than today. Of course, 25 years ago there were no gay characters either. When Days ages Ciara and the others the kids don't lose their personalities. If Ciara becomes the typical teenage ingenue who frets about her virginity and

With the new (former) group coming back to Days, we'll see where the program goes in regards to story. While it will be great to see some familiar faces on screen, the stories need to support their work. If not it will just be more of the same except with characters that 

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