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Monday, June 15, 2015

Thoughts about "Queens of Drama" - Episodes 9 & 10

Here is a live blog summary and my brief thoughts about episodes nine and ten of "Queens of Drama". The title of episode nine is "Read the Script" and stated by Chrystee Pharris. The title of episode ten is "How Did We Get Here".

These are the last two episodes of the first season. We don't know yet if the show has been renewed. Some websites denote this as just episode nine, but since we have two titles, I'm considering two separate programs even if they aired on after another on the same night. The sizzle reel for their show is available on the Pop TV website click here to view it.

The show picks up where it ended during episode eight with Hunter Tylo on the ground. We see everyone on the ground around Hunter. Chrystee does a prayer, while they wait for the ambulance. Crystal Hunt thought it was good to hear a prayer. Hunter had a hip replacement, and she's concerned about the clothing. Lindsay doesn't know if she wants to work after this.

At the production office, Donna Mills and the other ladies have a meeting. They are trying to figure out what they are going to do without Hunter. She tells the others they cannot miss this pilot season. Lindsay is scared after losing Hunter and earlier Vanessa Marcil quitting.

Lee Fleming is there for the shooting of the sizzle reel as the executive producer. Chystee admits that she added another scene, as she has only three lines. (Considering Hunter can't be there, it isn't as if there isn't additional time that could be used to do it.) I don't get why Donna gets upset, Crystal understands Chrystee's point of view. Lee thinks that  they should do it too.

Crystal is glad that Chrystee stood up for herself. Lee is on Chrystee's side and they're doing it. Eleanor (Donna) and Charlotte's (Lindsay) scene is first. They are enemies even though they are mother and daughter. Chrystee thinks that Lindsay has grown a lot as an actress since they were both on "Passions". Lorenzo Lamas is playing the principal, and one of Charlotte's clients. She whips him at the school. Lindsay mentions how he works in a way that is similar to her. Another scene is set outside between Donna and Crystal as Jenny. Before that goes on Lee mentions how well Chrystee's new material was written. Jenny sees Eleanor as a "bitch" and Eleanor sees Jenny as a "tramp" for having her child out of wedlock. Chrystee makes a direction comment, and Donna bristles. Chrystee's bleacher scene is next and Donna goes off for a snack. Lee wonders where Donna went. The others feel like Donna intentionally was trying to tank the scene by not coming, so they'd run out of time.

The second episode has Donna finally shows up and they start working on the bleacher scene. It is tense between Chrystee and Donna. The scene is completed and Lee is glad. Chrystee actually got a legitimate text from Hunter. She wishes that she could have been there. The ladies take a picture together and send it to Hunter. At Donna's house, we meet the man in her life Larry Gilman. They talk about what's going on with the shooting. Donna shares how she plans to pitch the show with just Lee. Donna feels like if it doesn't sell she'll get all the blame.

Donna invited the ladies to a dinner party. They have some wine and chat. The doorbell rings and Lee arrives for the meal. Photo shoot day is coming up, and they talk about the plan. Donna feels the idea of wearing black is boring. She does a toast to them, the upcoming photo shoot and Hunter.

Tom Sherman's assistant calls to confirm the appointment to pitch the show to the CW. Donna hopes that even though Vanessa isn't involved they'll be excited about the project.

The ladies arrive at Cherry Soda Studios to meet with their photographer Luc-Richard 'L.R.' Elie. Mark Zunino, the fashion designer, is dressing the group. Donna already had already picked up her dress. Crystal feels that since Donna is the executive producer, she should have been there first. Chrystee has a ring with a butterfly also. Throughout the show, Chrystee has been wearing butterflies, so this is appropriate. The ladies are all dressed and Donna comes in wearing a red gown. They're stunned and Donna doesn't want to argue. Donna wants to set off the picture better, but the rest feel like she wants to be the star. Chrystee almost wants to punch Donna. Crystal is infuriated and considering she's in a designer dress and diamonds this is a big deal.

Linsday got a phone call from Vanessa about the pitch meeting. Lindsay had no idea about it, and now she's sharing what Hunter told her. At a restaurant on Hollywood and Vine, Lindsay, Chrystee and Crystal meet. Lindsay shares how the reel presentation will be tomorrow. The ladies discuss everything including Donna's true colors. They discuss how they're going to go to the meeting.

Donna and Lee are waiting to see Tom Sherman. They have everything ready, and the other ladies appear. Donna swears with an "oh s#it". The others hadn't even seen the sizzle reel. Crystal says they are a team, and this is not how it should work. Chrystee shares how Vanessa told them. They don't believe anything that Donna is saying. The poor assistant has to watch this mess without laughing though she makes some amused and confused faces. Lee wants to stay out of the argument. Donna says she's done, leaves and says the meeting is cancelled.

Those are the highlights of the last two episodes. Logically there is no way, people acting so unprofessionally and canceling a meeting would get a new scripted show on the air. While "talent" can act that way, the show runner really cannot as dysfunction this early on would cause delays and other issues that would cause money problems.

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