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Sunday, June 28, 2015

GH: Is Denise Trying to get caught?

Denise is Ava's new identity and she's played by Maura West as well. Below are my thoughts on the situation.

I feel like Denise wants to be caught with her behavior as other than Silas (Michael Easton) knowing the truth the rest of Port Charles is in the dark. In list form, here are my reasons.

  1. While her daughter Avery aka AJ is still a baby, she admitted to her that she's her mother. Okay, you're in the Quartermaine Mansion telling your kid you're their parent? Like the Qs don't have cameras in their home, and a lot of servants who could hear your comments?
  2. Ava as Denise hooked up with Morgan (Bryan Craig). Yes, Denise is Ava's "twin", but nearly having sex with your ex is a great way to expose yourself both literally and figuratively. Morgan isn't the smartest guy, but even he took pause when you made a mention of something Ava would know, but Denise would not.
  3. Spending time with Franco (Roger Howarth) is even more ridiculous. They were a couple years earlier, off screen and there is no legitimate reason for them to see each other. Also Franco has no good reason not the news with Kiki (Hayley Erin) if he did find out the truth.
  4. Moving in with Julian (William deVry) again is a bad idea. Not that we're seeing Julian on camera right now, but your brother will realize you're faking. 
  5. If Ava wants to keep her identity a secret from everyone and be Denise, she can't be a creeper regarding baby Avery. The kid is your niece from a sister you never knew, don't cry or freak out as you'll be blamed for her "unsolved" kidnapping even if you knew Silas took her to save your life.
That's my list of ways that Ava as Denise can potentially get into trouble and get discovered. I hope this plot doesn't go on for months, though I have no idea how she can live in Port Charles and not go back to prison for her crimes.

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