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Monday, June 8, 2015

B&B: Six Random Thoughts

Here are six random thoughts I'm having about "The Bold and the Beautiful".

  1. Rick didn't get into an unholy alliance because of Bill's smart remark about Maya. A part of me would have been completely entertained to see Bill promote someone to work under Rick that would cause issues. I'd love it if he gave Steffy that job, just to annoy Ridge.
  2. The material with Ridge and Caroline in regards to her accident has been great. That being said if B&B messed up dealing with Linsey Godfrey's real life situation I'd have been annoyed.
  3. Where is Brooke and why didn't she have anything to do with the switch over of regimes at Forrester Creations? 
  4. Since Rick brought in Quinn to do jewelry will she be out at the company because of Liam's negative feelings about her?
  5. What is going on in LA that just about every guy has a beard? That made me laugh during the takeover scenes comparing facial hair.
  6. Aly has started to appear again, I wish when she was missing that we heard she was busy at school. Also it would be nice to see her with Nicole as all of them were living in the mansion together.
Those are some of my random thoughts on B&B these days. Steffy hasn't been back enough for me to really know what I think about her potential with Wyatt. 

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