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Monday, June 1, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - April 1969

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of April 1969.

Steve spent the month off screen in Germany with Karen and their child. He sent a letter to Carolee about what was going on, and Liz commented to Carolee how the only person Steve thought to write to was her. So Steve actually does care in some way, even if Carolee was uncertain. Before coming back to Hope Memorial, Steve also contacted Matt via a telegram to let the chief of staff know to put him on the schedule again.

Anna came up with the idea of promoting the clinic, as they would be reaching the milestone of 150,000 people served. Matt thought this was a great idea and shared it with Althea and Maggie. Humorously nearly everyone waited for the "special" patient to arrive. Jody Lee, who had been sent home sick, end up being the lucky individual.

Nancy and Mike continued to see each other, even though she made it perfectly clear all she wanted from Mike was friendship. He accidentally played the record that Nancy's late husband recorded for her. At the rehab, a patient was having major issues after his stroke. His family forgot to visit and didn't even leave a message. Nancy gave him advice, about moving on after death, as this patient had never gotten over the loss of his wife.

Penny and Althea continued to clash after Penny's first date was a disaster. She ran away from home to Liz and Carolee's apartment. Penny continues to consider Liz a close friend, though she barely knows Carolee. Liz convinced Penny to go home, and she agreed, but only if Nick brought her back as she started to freeze out her mother. On a busy day, Penny visited the clinic to ask permission to stay at a friend's house. Althea got frustrated, told Penny to go home, but said she could sleep in the park for all she cared. Penny took this literally and left for the park. Before going outside, she left a note for Nick. Once he found out what Althea said, he understood why Penny left the household. In the park, a policeman placed by Joe Mascolo (speaking without an Italian accent), found Penny and bring her back to her parents.

Those were the highlights of April 1969. Again I appreciated the music use of contemporary tunes of the day. My favorite part was how everyone was hanging out waiting for the patient and it was Jody Lee. While it was predictable, it was cool to see most of the cast interact in the same scene.

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