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Friday, June 12, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - May 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during May of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

The gloved hand story was ignored again except for the death of the very minor character of Miriam, who swapped Diane and Tegan's daughters. While clues were posted online, they have yet to reveal the murderer. 

Porsche was unsuccessful in raising the money needed to pay off her mother Reenie she arrived in town during the last episode in May. Reenie was in prison for longer than expected as she failed a drug test, due to Grace's interference.  Lockie did what he could to get money from Diane, but he wasn't able to hold on to it. At one point, Porsche was arrested by a Mr. Tennant, though she got off from her crime. Celine tried to help raise money by stealing from Dr. S'avage, but couldn't do it. She tried to use Cameron, but that was a no go. 

The Lomax family wasn't really on the last two months. Ziggy and Leela were away on their honeymoon. Peri was still in town going to school as was her baby daddy Tom. Tegan, Tony and Diane had issues in regards to the swapped kids, but it wasn't A-story.

Ste and John Paul separated as Ste is living with Sinead's family still, while John Paul is back with the assorted McQueen ladies. John Paul realized that Ste is more devoted to the new baby than the marriage. Sinead still has inappropriate feelings for Ste, as she knows he identifies as gay. Their daughter was born at the restaurant, delivered by Ste and Diane before an ambulance arrived. She was barely in the hospital and the little one was named Hannah.

Harry and Cleo are back together, and had sex. She has no idea about his unsure feelings regarding his sexuality. Earlier, Harry allowed people to believe he was a gaybasher, but the young Mr. Loveday shared the truth so the real perpetrators were caught. Zach and Holly were involved in a car crash, hitting Dylan. Jason protected them, though Dylan was okay. Zach's mother also slapped him, and he got into a fight with his father in school, causing Patrick to give him a severe punishment. Meanwhile Dylan knows he likes girls, but he also enjoys wearing women's clothing. This situation severely damaged Nico and Sienna's relationship. She misunderstood and thought that something inappropriate was going on between her mother and her "boyfriend". (The reason for the quotes is Nico and Dylan aren't exclusive, though seem to be dating.) Nico got upset and allowed Sienna to go into anaphylaxis from a sting. Dr. Savage saw what was going on and helped her. Sienna put Nico in care, because she felt she was a failure as a mother, while Nico just wanted to move in with Dirk. Sienna and Dr. S'avage also shared a kiss.

Dirk and Cindy got married, but oops Cindy during one of her episodes married a mystery man. She swore that she'd sign papers to divorce him, though did not and no one knows of her bigamy. There also is the oddness between Cindy and Jason though nothing really happened yet. Jason is working hard to become a police officer, though his family may get in the way. Robbie hasn't been around due to what happened with Dirk and there has been no further reaction from Jason. 

Lindsay and Freddie got married though Joe was still sort of in the picture. Nancy and Joe may happen or not. Everyone found out that Mercedes was alive, so Freddie couldn't go to jail for a crime that didn't happen. Sadly there was an argument between the Roscoe men, and Phoebe was shot. She is hospitalized with no real chance of recovery as she laid on the floor of the garage overnight. Also, Nana nearly died from smoke inhalation, but is doing much better. She was stunned that Mercedes was alive. 

Grace and Trevor's relationship fell apart after Grace went to prison. While incarcerated, she and Kim had sex. Grace doesn't identify herself as being attracted to women, so this seems to be an aberration. Once Esther found out, Grace and Kim both were in trouble. Grace because Esther may keep the fetus she's carrying for Grace away from her, and Kim as Esther wants nothing to do with her. By the end of the two months, Esther softened towards Kim. Kim explained how she has a twin sister Kath who drowned and now is severely brain damaged. Lindsay walked away for a moment as did Kim, so both feel to blame. 

Darren and Maxine are wavering back and forth. They care for each other, but Darren makes mistakes and gets blackmailed by both Trevor and Patrick. After losing custody of Minnie, Maxine tries to commit suicide. Patrick and Theresa remained close once she returned to Hollyoaks. 

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for May of 2015. I hope some of the characters that have been out of town will return. Hollyoaks has a large cast, but it is strange not to see people on screen for more than a month.

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