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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Days: Melanie's Gone Again

On June 2, 2015, Melanie (Molly Burnett) departed Salem after a few months back in town. Below are my thoughts and how the story of the character wrapped up for the time being.

Melanie came back to town due to owing money. Brady (Eric Martsolf) helped her out, and eventually best friends became lovers. Brady has had such bad luck with relationships with nearly all of his fiances dying before their wedding day. Kristen (Eileen Davidson) was an exception, but that marriage didn't happen because she raped Eric (Greg Vaughn). Kristen though still wanted a child with Brady and found an opportunity to get his child. She stole an embryo from Theresa (Jen Lilley), Brady's enabler and former girlfriend. Kristen carried the child to term, whom she named Christopher. Melanie with the help of Brady's former lover Nicole (Ari Zucker) figured out something was wrong. Working together, Melanie discovered the truth and the baby was found. The boy had a serious illness that Theresa could cure with her bone marrow. She was brought to Italy under false pretenses, while Melanie and Brady went to look for the kid. They all ended up held hostage, though Clint and Dr. Mandrake (Kristen's accomplices were both overtaken). Marlena (Deidre Hall) being Marlena found again with Kristen and Ms. Dimera fell to the ground. Kristen is presumed dead, but this being Days I doubt it will stick.

Melanie was glad to help reunite Brady and Theresa with their son even if it was at the expense of her romantic relationship. She realized that Theresa wouldn't stop, and broke up with Brady. Brady was heartbroken as he wanted to marry her. Melanie was separated from her biological parents growing up and lost years with them. She didn't want the baby now named Tate to be separated from Brady. Theresa threatened to leave Salem and that was the last thing Melanie wanted. (Yes Theresa named her kid Tate, which is silly considering the actor Tate Donovan, but at least his last name is Black not Donovan like his mother.) On her way out of town, Melanie had tearful goodbyes with her family and even Nicole, who she begrudgingly now considers a friend.

This approximately six month stint provided a decent amount of story for Brady and helped to "wrap" up the situation with Kristen and the baby. I like when characters visit for an arc and then leave town again if they are done in this manner.

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