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Friday, June 5, 2015

Soap Stars in Other Places: Family Feud Challenge 1992

A video with the stars of "Guiding Light" and "The Young and the Restless" from June 1992 has been posted. This originally aired the same week as the GL blackout story - their 40th anniversary. Below are links to the episodes that have been shared and a summary of what happened.

Here is a the first part imbedded in this entry. This was the introduction of the bullseye game, which added a new element to the program. Since this is from the early 90s, Ray Combs is the host.

The Y&R team was Doug Davidson (Paul Williams), Jess Walton (Jill Abbott), Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Barber), Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) and Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters). The GL team each of whom were wearing red AIDS awareness ribbons, was Melina Kanakaredes (Eleni Spaulding), Frank Dicopoulos (Frank Cooper), Amelia Marshall (Gilly Speakes), Melissa Hayden (Bridget Reardon) and Monti Sharp (David Grant). In the audience, "The Bold and the Beautiful" team was shown, but the names were not announced. (They were Michael Watson who played Zach, Brent Jasmer who played Sly, John McCook who still plays Eric, Kimberlin Brown who played Sheila, and Bobbie Eakes who played Macy.)

Each team got $2500 automatically to play for: the first question was for $500, the second $1000, the third $1500, the fourth $2000, and the fifth $2500. Only the number one answer counted for the money. The Y&R team ended up with $4000 and GL with $6500 banked. Only the winning team would get the chance to win the money. In this episode, since Doug and Melina were captains the teams played for their respective charities, I couldn't understand the name of the center Doug was playing for while Melina was playing for a Saint Basil's Academy. If you won a lot of money who wouldn't you want to know is the first question. The question went to the Y&R team. Jess made a comment about how Doug is so odd. They only got 10 and GL got to steal. They got the number one answer of IRS which was 64 so they got 74.

Here is an embedded link to part two.

Jess and Frank were next up to answer a question. The following charities were stated Equity fights AIDS for Frank and Greek Recovery Institute and Foundation for Jess. Name an actor or actress that you never want to see a nude scene was the question worth double points. Frank came up with a correct answer so GL got to play the question. This was a rather embarrassing question for the actors. GL ended up with three of the answers (Roseanne Barr, Dom Deluise and Phyllis Diller) so the Y&R team got to steal. Y&R said John Candy worth 6 points doubled to 12, so they got the bank of 120. The remaining answer was William Conrad, which Ray guessed correctly as during that time Conrad was playing "the fatman" on "Jake and the Fatman". Victoria and Amelia were next up to play. Victoria's charity was the Portland school for ballet in Maine, while Amelia's was Walls Chapel (hope I heard that correctly in her parents' home town). This was the triple point question and what is something a wife asks a husband to pick up after work. Amelia got the number one answer of milk. They announced the other charities, Melissa (Pious XII youth and family services it sounded like) and Monti (Hale House). The GL team pulled it out in the end with XX strikes Melissa got the final answer needed "the kids", so they swept the board gaining 288 points for a total of 362. While shaking hands with the Y&R team, he mentioned Scott and Kristoff's charities, which were World Alliance for Peace and the Family Resource Association. Melissa and Melina played Fast Money, Ray called them beautiful and confused as they weren't sure in which order they would play.

When the show came back from commercial, the Y&R team was off the stage with Melissa standing next to Ray. The questions were: What information does TVGuide give about a movie, length of a crush, sugar substitute, something you put whipped cream on, and how children cheat on tests. Melissa got 110 by herself, so Melina had to get 90 to win the bank. Unfortunately GL just got 171 points for $855. The B&B came up for the high stakes match.

Here is the third part embedded.

The B&B team was announced first and they all wore AIDS awareness ribbons too with some also wearing green ribbons: John McCook (Eric Forrester), Bobbie Eakes (Macy Forrester), Colleen Dion (Felicia Forrester), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter) and Brent Jasmer (Sly). Colleen isn't on, but is announced, which is bizarre as it is Michael Watson playing in her place. They explained how Michael was a late fill-in for Colleen, when he got to play. Instead of starting with a bank of $2500, it is one for $5000. The dollar amounts that can be banked are $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000 and $5000. B&B played for $12,000, while GL played for $10,000. The first question was: name a reason people take off their clothes. The B&B team got to play the question as John got the number one answer though his charity is not named. They ended up keeping their 94 points as GL wasn't able to steal though Ray wondered where Melina sunbathed without her clothes on as that was the GL team's answer.

Here is the fourth part embedded.

It is mentioned that Bobbie is playing for the Middle Georgia Food Bank as that is where she is from, and earlier she made a quip about her iced tea sponsorship, without naming names. Frank mentions why they have on the AIDS ribbons and how he also has a green environmental ribbon on his shirt.  What would you only see at a very fancy party was the question, which Bobbie gets the number one. The charity that Michael was playing for the American Humane Society and it probably was Colleen's charity. Kimberlin plays for the American Diabetes Foundation. This is the double question and when the GL team tried to steal he mentioned their charities. The B&B team kept the 178 points. The triple point question was name something you do when you lose your temper. The GL team got to play for it as Michael got an X. The bank was 228, and John went on his own and said swear. That was worth 30 points, so they got 258 added to make 535.

Kimberlin and Bobbie played fast money. What does your husband need you for the most, how often you watch Family Feud in a week, embarrassed by buying what magazine, a job title in movie credits, and a reason a man whistles. Kimberlin got exactly 100 points, while Bobbie got 72, for a total of 172 points, which translated to $860. If the B&B team had said director or producer they would have won the money.

Full disclosure I was thrilled to see this online. I've been looking for it for years, as I recall watching it back in 1992. The show aired for an hour block in the morning where I grew up, and was a lot of fun. While I'm not a fan of the bullseye round, I love seeing soap stars in other places. Also it was a great way to promote CBS daytime.

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