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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Soap Stars in Other Places: Big Brother Press Day

This year, the reality show, "Big Brother" has soap stars playing during their press day special event. The video is about 26 minutes and is only playable in the US.  Click here to view it and my discussion of it has spoilers.

The main reason for me summarizing this is because there are people who may find my blog who aren't able to access CBS.com as they don't live in the United States. The group did the "normal" thing of going into the house and finding beds. Since it was the press day obviously they weren't planning on staying overnight. The house guests were Leslie who works for CBS, Camryn Grimes from Y&R who plays Mariah,  Lawrence Saint-Victor from B&B who plays Carter, Doriean who also works for CBS, Lycia who does social media stuff, Madison who also does social media stuff,  Linsey Godfrey from B&B who plays Caroline (The irony is that Camryn's grandmother was more excited for her being in the house than winning a Daytime Emmy.)

Jeff from Big Brother is there to host the Head of Household competition. It was a typical A or B competition. Lawrence was the first out so he has to wear a bee costume for the rest of the day.  The majority rules so the people in the minority are eliminated. Linsey wondered why Jeff is called "big Jeff". Leslie and Madison were the final two left with Madison getting the final question right as Leslie was over with the amount of Big Brother episodes. Jeff was gone and slop was on the table. Lawrence thought it was oatmeal with garlic. Madison had to pick the have nots. She picks Lawrence because he is the only guy in the house. Alycia volunteers and Madison tried it and thought it was good. Madison decides the others have to do rock, paper, scissors and Linsey is the other have not. Lawrence in the bee costume was ridiculous, but it didn't objectify him. I wonder if they'll have him wear this on B&B.

Madison nominates Lindsey and Lawrence since they seem to be strong competitors and have a bond. It is the typical nomination ceremony down to the regular BB music. Doriean, Camryn and then Leslie are given keys in that order. Madison doesn't Lawrence to sting her.

Then it is time for the veto competition. It is a sloppy event with large pies with plastic bugs in them. One player has to get the bugs, while the other is holding them steady. If they fall, they have to be stacked again. You win once you get nine bugs to stay steady. The winning team gets the power of veto, which is hanging around the neck of a full sized plastic cow. Doriean and Lawrence are the red team, Camryn and Madison are the yellow team and Linsey and Leslie are the blue team. Lycia had to sit out, but didn't host the veto competition. Leslie is trying her best not to get dirty, so it is between the red and yellow teams. Lawrence and Doriean got the POV.

Lawrence takes himself off the block and Leslie is nominated as she is sitting in the nomination chair. Leslie gets evicted as Camryn and Lawrence vote for her to go home, while Doriean votes for Linsey. Lycia still isn't shown, so perhaps she had to leave early. The last time we saw her was prior to the veto competition eating slop.

I always appreciate anything interesting that includes soap opera people. So of course I enjoyed this, though I wish like in the past more "outsiders" that weren't CBS employees got to play. Another fun variation with soap people would be if they were teamed up with a Big Brother alum. Of course, if this were to happen it would have to be more than a 20 minute video.

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