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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - May 1969

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of May 1969.

Steve returned from Germany without his pregnant wife Karen. They plan to divorce. Carolee's feelings for Steve continued and while he was warming up to her, he isn't ready for another relationship. He presented her with a brooch that he picked up while out of the country.

Anna continued her job, but wasn't a major player. When anything controversial happens at Hope Memorial, she has to write or speak with the press about the occasion. Jody Lee was still sick and we saw him at home. He wanted cards and letters, some of which were read on screen. Nancy and Mike now spend part of their free time kissing. Matt is horrified about the relationship, though there is nothing he can do to stop his adult son from dating a widow.

Penny and Althea's relationship continued to deteriorate. The daughter provoked the mother and received a slap. Penny also wished to move away from Althea with her stepfather Nick. The fighting also hurt the Bellini's marriage. Nick felt stuck in the middle between his wife and stepdaughter, as he loves them both.

Philip Townsend escaped from the psychiatric hospital worrying everyone. He was allegedly not physically dangerous, but Liz didn't believe it. Liz stayed with the Powers while this was going on to make her feel more safe. Philip lurked around and went to Hope Memorial for an imagined board meeting. He didn't understand why Matt wasn't at work even though it was later in the evening. Althea who had enough arguing at home, went back to the clinic after hours. She and Mr. Townsend had a confrontation, while he held her hostage. He was caught, but sadly she was injured. Althea was bleeding laying on the floor of the clinic overnight, while Nick and Penny worried about her location. As Maggie and Althea weren't able to run the clinic, Steve stepped in even though he had been on duty overnight. Maggie provided comfort to Penny. Matt and Nick rushed to get medical treatment for Althea, but no qualified surgeons were available except for Nick. This scared Dr. Bellini as in the past, he had to operate on his brother and he didn't make it. Althea's mother came back to town for her daughter and helped ease Penny's worries. Althea work up from her surgery, but without any memory.

Those were the highlights of May 1969. I really enjoyed how unglamorous Carolee was when interacting with Steve. The show seems to be promoting them as the "newest" couple, which I appreciate. 

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Thank you for posting. I started watch Doctors recently.