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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - April & May 2015

Here's another semi-regular installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in April and May 2015.

Amber discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she had no idea if her fiance Daniel was the father or her former boyfriend Josh. A DNA test was done in utero and Josh was named the daddy. Josh had a short-lived relationship with Dani, who was responsible for Matt's death. Imogen still had feelings for Daniel, but pushed them aside. She tried to date Tyler, and they nearly had sex. Imogen realized her heart wasn't there, and the relationship ended again. Paige and Tyler became closer, but weren't really dating even if they shared a few kisses. Missing his father, Bailey spiraled out of control. He left town with his grandfather Lou to get some space from his pain. Before leaving, Bailey stole a car, that Tyler took first. Due to that, Paige got roped into the illegal schemes at the garage including money laundering and the like though she wanted them to go legit.

Sonya and Toadie remained happily married. Their baby girl is allergic to Nell is allergic to bee stings just like Sonya. Paul was drugged by Therese's brother Nick to believe he had cancer. Paul went through chemo even though he didn't have the disease. During this time, Naomi and Paul began to care for one another. He realized with Sheila's help that Naomi deserved better, and ended everything, but their working relationship before they dated. Nick was caught by Georgia who had been put on suspension. Nick left town in handcuffs completely disgraced. He had done a consultation for Georgia's mother as her cancer returned. Thankfully, he didn't mistreat her. At the end of May, Georgia left Erinsborough for Germany to help her mother get treatment. Kyle remains in Australia for work. Naomi went back to Mark for a short time, with Paul playing Cyrano. Both Naomi and Mark realized while they enjoyed each other physically the magic wasn't there.

Professionally, Paul sold Lassiter's when he believed he was ill. He couldn't get it back, and this news hurt both Terese and Sheila. Ezra, who had been fired by Paul, for trying to rape Terese was now her boss. Eventually it came out that Ezra went after his son's 16-year-old girlfriend Chloe. He was under investigation and lost his job. Terese got Ezra's job, which was great as he had convinced her to quit as he had made her the highest paid hotel clerk when he was in charge. At the Waterhole, he hired Nate to be Sheila's boss. Together Nate and Sheila worked together though against Ezra they occasionally argued. Sheila was supportive of Nate and went off on a man named Alistair for making a rude comment about Nate being gay. The video went viral with Sheila being called the cranky granny.

Lauren leaned on Brad due to Matt's death. She even fell asleep at the Willis house. Since Terese was out of town, Lauren staying in their home was wrong. Susan saw Lauren leave, advised Lauren and Brad not to get too close to one another. After finding out what happened Terese told Brad that she forgives him for what happened, but it cannot happen again.

Those are the highlights for the months of April and May 2015 of Neighbours. It was great how quickly Amber found out her baby daddy and there was no chance that anyone tampered with the DNA. I wish that happened more often in American soaps. If we have to have a paternity issue resolve it quickly without anyone doing illegal.

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