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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Y&R: What I Wish & What I Miss - June 2015

This installment of what I miss and what I wish is for "The Young and the Restless". The last one of these I did about the show was May of 2014.

What I missed then: New couples that are compelling because they aren't rushed. This is still the case for certain couples: see Stitch and Abby, but at least relationships are happening more on screen than off except for Abby and Austin's doomed affair. Sharon and Dylan's relationship developed in a way I like though I feel Nick has been way too hard on Sharon. Also how Gabe and Chelsea began seeing each other was decent.

What I missed then: Victor paying for his mistakes.This may actually happen finally. For now Nikki has left Victor again. Victor also has Marco (the Jack impostor) who looks to be double-crossing The Great Victor Newman. While I find it absolutely disturbing that this man is "married" to Phyllis and raping her, I appreciate that someone may be evil enough to attempt to destroy Victor.

What I missed then: Humorous situations that arise with characters just interacting. Still do, but that's normal.

What I missed then: Scandalous relationships, in the last year Stitch hooked up with Ashley in the shower, which was actually a scandal. Nikki and Neil's friendship could have been a scandal, but they just remained pals, but it was still fun.

What I wished then: I wrote about Neil, Hillary and Devon, and I commented how the thing I wanted most was Devon to get a story. I didn't need Hillary and Devon to be romantically involved, and wasn't happy with how the plot was written. Now due to how the characters are being ignored, I'm even more frustrated.

What I wish and miss today: For everyone in Genoa City to interact. For characters not to disappear for weeks without a story. Where is everyone in town that isn't an Abbott, Newman, works for the company or tied into the murder mystery? We're finally seeing a little bit of Lauren, Michael, Lily and Cane, but I can't really abide by the story. Bad illness stories are beyond frustrating, if you tell a plot about a marriage falling apart due to disease don't make it because the ill character pushes their spouse to another person. There has to be a better way, and I'm still waiting for a soap to do this story justice.

These are just some things that would make Y&R more interesting to me. The show has a different tone than it had at this time last year. Stories are tending to go faster, having more pop, though the characterization isn't as specific as it once was.

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