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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thoughts about "Hollyoaks" - June 2015

Here is my rundown post of what's happened on "Hollyoaks" during June of 2015. This is based on the UK air dates on Channel 4.

There is a new cop in town named Ben, who is dating Sienna. He knows what Sienna has done, but feels that she has been rehabilitated. Sienna and Nico are still arguing, though at least she's out of care. Minnie is still with Patrick, but his health is fading as he now walks with a cane. He plans on taking care of Theresa even if Sienna cannot stand her. Maxine and Darren are together and Maxine let Patrick know about his blackmail of Darren.

Phoebe had been shot and was comatose. The family decided she should have brain surgery. Robbie was released from prison for attacking Dirk and visited her beside. He tried to stop the surgery, but failed. After the surgery, Phoebe woke up and everyone thought she'd be fine. She felt that Grace was responsible, but Joe actually shot her. Sadly the gloved hand killed her. Tegan was investigated, but was clear of all wrong doing.

The fighting between Simone and Cindy continued. They argued about Price Slice, and since Simone was a published writer Cindy wanted the same thing. With Louis' help, Dirk made it seem like Cindy won a short story award for her "romantic stories." The mayor congratulated Cindy, but Simone told the truth humiliating Cindy.

Baby Rose was kidnapped and everyone was a suspect except Tegan who was behind it. Scott was watching the girl for a trip to Las Vegas to see Britney Spears. Both Loveday parents, Tony and Diane got arrested at different times.

Louis and Simone thought about moving away after being accused and later released due to Rose's kidnapping. Zach was upset over this as instead of staying put they also run and he was happy in Hollyoaks. They along with Holly and Cindy planted a tree in honor of Lisa their lost daughter. (During the month, Cindy flirted more with Jason, but he's devoted to Holly.) A girl broke into the Loveday apartment and its their missing daughter Lisa. The family was stunned for good reason as she's been gone for 15 years.

Reenie's boyfriend Pete came to town, and while Celine and Cleo were happy, Porsche was devastated. She admitted that he acted improperly kissing her while she was underage. Everyone felt she was overreacting, except John Paul. While Porsche and Lockie were fighting, John Paul and Lockie had sex. Eventually Porsche said she lied about Pete to keep the peace. (Of course, whenever they spoke about Pete I sat in front of my screen saying how could Rhys from "Torchwood" be mean, and called the character "Evil Rhys" from another dimension. Kai Owen plays both parts.) Cleo pushed Harry away telling him her studies are more important.

Grace and Trevor reconciled, but it didn't last. She cheated on him with Kim again. Kim blackmailed Dylan to allow a camera in their home. She got footage of Trevor kissing Dylan's mum and showed it to Grace. Kim continued to lie to Esther and is acting as if they are engaged. Grace said she needs to stay with Trevor long enough for Esther to sign over the baby and then they can be together.

Those are the highlights on Hollyoaks for June 2015. I wonder when they will finally tell the audience who the killer is. It is getting rather frustrating.

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