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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Days: Six Random Thoughts - July 2015

Here are my 6 random thoughts for Days of Our Lives this July 2015.
  1. Abby is pregnant. She slept with both Ben and Chad, so the paternity is in question. Will the fetus survive with the change of head writing teams?
  2. Ari is talking now. This is a good thing, as with the upcoming SORAS of some of the kids, we need some cuteness on canvas.
  3. Adrienne and Justin signed divorce papers. We got to see a clip montage with 80s classic orchestration. Was this my favorite thing in weeks? You bet.
  4. Brady being annoyed about Theresa living in Victor's mansion with their son Tate is ridiculous. Wasn't he the one who wanted her there in the first place?
  5. Daniel and Nicole are together, but while Eric and Nicole believed they were dying they shared a kiss. If Daniel freaks, he should just be glad there was no sex or pregnancy.
  6. Paige has had enough of JJ's lies. I'm glad for this, and would like her to find someone new. Of course, I don't want her pregnant, just let her have some fun. Maybe she could end up becoming an accidental hooker. (I kid, I kid)
Those are my six random thoughts about Days of Our Lives. We're less than six weeks away from the new material being on full time. Tweaks are allegedly happening on screen, so let's home for more and better story in the coming weeks.

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