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Monday, July 13, 2015

Thoughts about "Neighbours" - June 2015

Here's another installment of my thoughts about Neighbours post. I'm going to be writing about the episodes that aired in June 2015.

Amber, Josh and Daniel found out that Josh was the father of her unborn child. Karl discovered that there was something wrong with the fetus not having a fully developed ribcage area. Unfortunately it cannot be 100% confirmed until the 20th week, and in Australia the surgery is considered experimental. In the US, it is done more regularly. Daniel was against getting the procedure done as were Terese and Lauren. Since a lot of money would be needed to get to America, Josh and Amber would need to figure out how to pay as they aren't getting help from the parents. Due to the pregnancy, Josh started selling pills, some legal and some not. Kyle was one of his clients and passed out after taking the illegal pills. Daniel also wanted to raise some extra money so he sold a share of his bar to Karl. Karl was frustrated that Susan was well-liked while serving drinks. Sheila and Susan/Karl started to tussle again, but this time about service. Sheila had a bingo night with a hot guy, who happened to be the third Brennan brother named Aaron. He's gay, so hopefully he never has sex with Paige. Tyler tried to set him up with Nate, and that went horribly. Karl protested the stripper to the town council, but came up for a similar idea except using a woman. 

Nate and Alistair, who attacked Nate verbally for being gay, kissed. The whole thing was odd and Nate was confused. Alistair's fiance wanted Susan to officiate at their wedding, but she had to drop out due to what happened. Paige and Tyler had some adventures due to criminal activity. They had to keep money, and Bailey's creepy friend Jayden found out blackmailing Paige for sex. Thankfully, she figured out a way not to have to sleep with the annoying teen. Tyler was finally caught for his actions with Dimato. He was beaten, and stole drugs from Karl. He had to admit the truth to Mark. Aaron wanted to help Tyler even though Mark thought Tyler needed to pay for his illegal actions. Aaron bailed out Tyler, but Mark threw him out of their home. Karl and Susan allowed Tyler to move in with them. 

Naomi and Paul decided to date and became intimate. Everyone including Paul felt she could do better. Amy, Paul's daughter, got his letter to her. She came to Erinsborough to visit. Amy and Paul bonded a bit, but she went home. Daniel found out about her having a son named Jimmy and a lot of debt. He convinced his cousin to come to town permanently. Jimmy and Amy moved in with Toadie and Sonya. Amy nearly cut Paul out of Jimmy's life after he spoiled his grandson. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and he didn't loose Jimmy for good. Paul got back Lassiter's and Terese got even a better job with the company. Nate didn't lose his job either though he wasn't acting as Sheila's boss anymore. 

Paige had her 21st birthday party with a rock star theme with her in a version of the famous J-Lo green dress. Paige still wanted her parents Brad and Lauren to get back together and they ended up dressing as the lovers in Grease: Danny and Sandy, while Terese was Katy Perry. Lauren isn't ready to date yet though a man she worked with was interested. Karl and Susan dressed as Sonny and Cher. Daniel, Imogen, Amber and Josh dressed as ABBA. Naomi and Paul went as Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga and Sheila as Dolly Parton, didn't care they were dating. During the party, Paige's adoptive mother Mary crashed to Paige's distress. 

Those are the highlights for the month of June 2015 of Neighbours. I find it fun how characters end up moving, but still stay on Ramsey Street. I wonder how many extra rooms we never see are in those homes. 

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