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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GH: Lucky and Ethan Visit

The month of July on "General Hospital" gave us short return stints for both Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer and Nathan Parsons as Ethan Lovett. The two came back for visits to tie into Anthony Geary's departure as Luke Spencer. Below I discuss their 2015 stints.

This is a very short summary, as I plan to do a longer one about the last weeks of Luke Spencer later. The focus is on how Lucky and Ethan visited the show. So there will be details intentionally skimped on in this post like Holly's return, Luke and Tracy, and how Lulu and Dillon were involved those will be in the long version.

Ethan and Lucky were kidnapped and Frank Smith was involved though we didn't know at first.Luke and Laura (Genie Francis) went on a search for Lucky, and then ran into Holly (Emma Samms) who said that Ethan was taken too. Luke found Ethan on a pressure sensitive bomb, though Lucky had escaped and was missing. Ethan got off the bomb with Luke's help as Luke somehow now knows how to defuse bombs. They had some heart-filled chatter, and later in a shoot-out Ethan was injured. He and Holly left together to go to the hospital and that was the last we saw of Ethan.

Meanwhile, Lucky had a lot more unsettled business. He got involved in Frank Smith's scheme because of little Jake. The boy was alive and on Cassadine Island. Luke, Lucky and Laura took a detour to the island and got the child. Luke and Helena (Constance Towers) shared some scenes, which presumably will be their last. It seemed in a way to be Helena's goodbye as well, but we'll see. Back in Port Charles, Lucky and Luke brought Jake home to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). We also had the words that needed to be said between Lucky and Luke. It was confirmed that Lucky was Luke's favorite and it felt at points to be about Tony and Jonathan saying goodbye instead of Luke and Lucky. In cases like this I don't mind that. Lucky and Elizabeth spent time together with Jake, and we also saw Lucky with Aiden for a scene, which was appreciated. After visiting with Elizabeth and leaving her with Jake, the child and Jake, the adult, he went to see Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). There Lucky spoke again to his mother, but mainly to his brother. They are in a lot better place then when Lucky left Port Charles. Nikolas and Lucky acted like family. Nik admitted the truth to Lucky about Jake being Jason with brain damage and that Liz knew the truth. So the person watching out for Elizabeth and the boys wasn't a stranger. Nik told Lucky that he would make the right decision for everyone. Lucky saw Jake, Jason and Elizabeth together, and decided to keep quiet about Jason's identity for the sake of the kids. An emotional Lucky didn't believe, he could be a proper father to the boys. I appreciated that Nikolas told Lucky what he knew and allowed Lucky to decide. I also felt a sense of relief that Nik had no idea that Jake was being held, as if he had known that would have been an extreme betrayal to both Lucky and Elizabeth.

I enjoyed this respite from what we have been seeing on General Hospital as it wasn't played for laughs. Having serious material was a treat as well as some longer scenes even if at times you had to fast forward and go back to get a "longer, stronger" flow. That being said I'm not someone who is glad that Jake is alive and felt it odd that everyone believed the boy was Jake without doing any DNA testing and giving him a proper check-up. Considering the kinds of things that happen on Cassadine Island, it is better to be safe than sorry. I'm very glad that both Nathan and Jonathan were allowed out of their prime time gigs to appear on GH as part of Tony Geary's goodbye.

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