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Thursday, July 23, 2015

B&B: Aly's Dead

On Thursday, July 23, 2015, Aly Forrester as played by Ashlyn Pearce died on "The Bold and the Beautiful". The character had been struggling with emotional issues and attacked her cousin Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). While protecting herself, Steffy went after Aly. Aly fell and hit her head on a rock. Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) arrived and when first responders came to the scene, they discovered she was dead.

Thorne (Winsor Harmon) came back to Los Angeles to check up on his daughter Aly. He was horrified to hear that she wasn't doing well. Her mistreatment caused Aly to slip and lash out at both Steffy and Maya (Karla Mosley). Aly made a board with pictures of the two women and wanted to hurt them. She hated Steffy due to the past between their mothers. She couldn't stand Maya due to everything that happened at Forrester. Maya and Rick (Jacob Young) bullied her, and Aly couldn't deal with it. Considering everything Maya had to deal with being transgender having her bully Aly was so wrong. At least, in a bonus clip, she apologized for what she did to Aly as did Rick.

Honestly, I'm sad over Aly dying. Thorne now is left without any children. She was the only biological grandchild of both the late Stephanie and Eric. Ridge isn't his biological son, Rick has no kids yet, Felicia has no kids and Kristen's only child Zende is adopted. Bridget has son named Logan, but since he's Brooke's grandson, I doubt they will age him anytime soon. It is more likely they'll age RJ than have Brooke's grandchild be a major player in Los Angeles. So in that way, it can hurt B&B in the long term as the show is about Forresters and we have one less descendant. The other way, I'm sad is I actually like the character of Aly. I appreciated that there was someone a bit awkward in the younger generation of the family. Aly also was seen as Sally's grandchild even if it wasn't biological. I would have really enjoyed that element as well.

Other than the historical potential, I enjoyed Ashlyn Pearce as Aly from when she started on the show. Aly wasn't the most polished character in Los Angeles, and I liked that about her. She had her own identity separate from the other Forrester grandkids. She wasn't stuck in the infernal battle between Ridge/Brooke/Taylor as she wasn't one of their children. I also enjoyed Aly and Oliver and wrote about that on my blog. So I feel a loss as someone who looked forward to seeing Aly mix it up with everyone including her Aunt Pam. I can't see any of the other kids choosing to spend time with Pam and Charlie, so it is yet another loss. Anyway, I hope the story that comes out of it is worth it. I get why it was done, as now Steffy inadvertently walking in her mother's footsteps. I hope that everyone says their peace about this situation as while Aly needed help she didn't "deserve" to die.

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