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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Twin Peaks Pushed Back to 2017?

The major sites like Variety posted earlier today that Mark Frost from "Twin Peaks" mentioned that the show will only be back in 2017. Below are my thoughts on this turn of events and the odd way that this  came out to the public.

Mark Frost was in Cooperstown, New York at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum on June 29, 2015. While visiting with family and friends he did an interview which included his love of baseball, "Twin Peaks" and other future plans. Somehow this article which was published on June 30, was buried for well over a week. It was posted at the Baseball Hall's official website and I'm staggered that no one found it until now. There has to be overlap among baseball and "Twin Peaks" fans. I know July 4th was a holiday, and hope that is all it was. This is the kind of thing amazes me in this day and age with how quickly we find out things. Since the adage is good news travels fast, perhaps since a lot see this as bad news no one saw it either.

Honestly reading this from Mark Frost and finding out the new episodes are already written I'm puzzled. How long do they plan to take to film and produce since they are starting in September of 2015? Production doesn't always mean filming with actors, so to me the most important part is knowing when that is to begin. If they are going to be working on the show for most of 2016, the 2017 date is unavoidable. If it is a scheduling thing on Showtime's part, that's ridiculous especially considering Showtime has yet to update their website to say 2017. Also Showtime is already using "Twin Peaks" to advertise their Showtime online only service. If they are start to air the show more than a year from now, this is false advertising. I hope people who are "Twin Peaks" fans realize this and don't subscribe before the show is available unless they are interested in other Showtime offerings.

We'll see about the date. I hope we hear more either way once we know when actors are working everything should fall into place.

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