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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thoughts about "The Doctors" - August 1969

Another month's worth of episodes of "The Doctors" has aired on RetroTV. Below are my thoughts on what has aired for the month of August 1969.

Althea and Nick grew closer, but she still doesn't remember her husband. Nick gave Althea presents, which she really appreciated. They were a nightgown with a matching robe, earrings, and a snow globe with Snoopy on a yellow doghouse. There were some weird dream scenes like Nick being tiny and Althea being a queen. She's going to be leaving the hospital soon and move back in with him. Althea is also going to work in the lab with Nick, Steve and Martha. Althea has remained friendly with Steve and Carolee. At the end of the month, Nick worried that Althea was remembering her deceased son Buddy.

Carolee and Steve are still seeing each other. They barely have time to go on dates with both of their schedules. Jody Lee sang for Liz, but they still aren't having sex. Anna got a note from Ed about wanting to reconnect. She asked permission from her supervisor, who told her to see Matt. Matt told Anna, she should go and see if her relationship with Ed is worth reviving out of town.

Matt gave Mike money for an engagement ring for Nancy. While Matt isn't loving the idea of Mike and Nancy, he wants to "support" his son. Maggie is more receptive and is put in the middle. Nancy admitted to loving Mike, and in his mind, that means marriage. (Of course, I wonder since there is no body how on earth Nancy could remarry, but that's a moot point.) Shana was trying to get Paul to come to the hospital for help. We also got to Mr. Grant, a blind patient, who Nancy was helping. Paul decided to go out of the apartment alone and ended up at Hope Memorial. Shana confided to Steve that Paul Benedict was Paul Bennet (Nancy's husband). Steve wouldn't keep this secret, and enlisted Matt as Chief of Staff. It was funny how Matt wasn't sure exactly who Shana was, which considering the size of the hospital was understandable. Shana explained all of her backstory with Paul. She fell for him and was a nurse. He never felt the same, but she wouldn't abandon him. When Paul was found there was no identification, which is why Nancy was told her husband had perished. Meanwhile Paul had a share a room with Mr. Grant. We found out how Mr. Grant lost his sight due to an accident caused when someone collided with his delivery truck as he was a long haul trucker.

In other news for the Powers' household, Maggie's second cousin passed away: Elaine (per closed captioning). Elaine had a stepdaughter named Julie whose underage. Since Maggie's sister Nora couldn't take the girl, Maggie was asked. Mike thought that Julie needed a home and it was just a year so there was no question what they should do. Julie appeared at the end of the month, though she has yet to arrive at the Powers' home.

Those were the highlights of August 1969. It looks like the cast is in for a bit of a shake up as some relationships seem to be coming to an end.

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