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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Y&R: Avery Left Genoa City

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Avery Bailey Clark as played by Jessica Collins left "The Young and the Restless". Below I'm summarizing her last story.

Avery has had multiple relationships while living in Genoa City. Her latest with Dylan (Steve Burton) ended due to them growing apart. She grew closer to her former husband Joe (Scott Elrod). He took it the wrong way, and tried to kiss her. Instead of a kiss, Joe fell off a balcony at the Athletic Club. Eventually he was okay, but he allowed Avery to believe he was still injured and recovering. Avery felt duped, but didn't get back together with Avery. She tried to move on with her life though she still wasn't happy. Avery and Joe continued to argue as he wanted her to get into trouble for the accident. She had enough and decided that they needed to talk. Avery was attacked by a random off screen and raped. She blamed Joe, as she had wanted to meet him.

Avery was hospitalized and due to the extent of her injuries a police report was filed. There was no evidence that Joe was the culprit, except her belief. She got Christine (Lauralee Bell) on her side, who was willing to prosecute. Sharon (Sharon Case) who was also a rape victim tried to be there for Avery even though Sharon and Avery haven't been cordial for a long time. Avery lost it, and kidnapped Joe and threatened him with a gun. She wanted him to admit the crime he didn't commit. (Joe also was held hostage by Dylan, but that's besides the point.) Paul (Doug Davidson) came in and everyone found out that Joe wasn't the rapist. Someone else had been in the park and attacked. The bad guy was captured and tests were run proving that he was the criminal. Y&R didn't give a name to the rapist.

Avery decided she needed to get help somewhere away from Genoa City. She admitted to everyone what she did, and resigned from the Innocence Project. Michael (Christian LeBlanc) will be on his own at their law firm. Also on her way out of town, Avery said goodbye to her sister Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), who didn't want her to leave, but understood why the lawyer needed to go.

From reading online, it was said that Jessica Collins chose to leave Y&R because her contract was up and the show wouldn't renegotiate their offer. The original story, if she had stayed, would have been a lot longer and Avery would have lied about Joe for a lot longer of a period. I'm glad that it didn't come to pass, and Avery was solely lying because she was traumatized and not some sick sort of revenge.

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