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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 21

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twenty-one (June 18, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Destiny fell asleep at Viki's desk and Jeffrey found her. Jeffrey was kind of relieved not to find Viki as Viki's whole world will fall apart. Jeffrey explains to Destiny what was going on with the fund. He invites her for coffee to figure out a way to tell Viki. Destiny wonders what this will do to the Banner and her job. Jeffrey says if he loses his job due to telling the truth it is worth it. Jeffrey goes to see Viki and tells her about the Pellegrino fund and her life is even more of a mess.

Viki and Clint are in the Llanfair living room. Viki spent most of the night talking to Natalie on the phone, who then walks into the room.  Natalie shares that John is on a case and is unreachable. Natalie realizes what Clint did and confronts him asking if he was behind all of it: the restraining order and the dear John letter. Natalie tells Clint that she will never forgive him for keeping John away from his son, though he feels that John was a cheat and didn't deserve her. After Natalie walks out, Viki confronts Clint over what he did.

Dani and Jack talk about their mothers who are both intense. Dani shares that she won't do drugs again after almost dying, though she does enjoy the "father, dad, biological father" drinking game that she does with her roommates. Jack wants to move in and Dani says never. Dani and Jack discuss school and he has to go to summer school for English. He realizes that she likes Matthew and does a singsong talk. Jack left while Dani stayed in the coffee shop.

Matthew shows up at Michelle's house in Toronto with a bouquet of flowers. This was filmed outside. The house that he goes to isn't the right one, so Michelle lied. Matthew calls Michelle says that she played him and he doesn't know why. Matthew's phone rings and it is Dani on the other end. Matthew shares how the whole thing is "one big bogus lie", as she wasn't even there.

Bo, Bruce, Beverly (another cop) and Cutter are standing outside of shelter discussing the shooting. Bo finds out from the lab that the oxy Dani took was 4 times the normal strength and if she hadn't gone to the hospital so quickly she would have died. Bo goes to talk to Dani, who just got off the phone with Matthew, about the pills as they were so strong - her dealer's full name is Briana Marland and she goes to college with Dani.

Blair goes to see Tea and shows her the note. Blair fills Tea in about what has been going on and how she was nearly shot. Tea says while she trusts Blair, she doesn't trust Todd. Blair wants Tea's help to find Victor so they can bring those bad guys down together. Tea shares how Victor left some messages, went to Bo, but discovered nothing.

General thoughts about this episode:

The house that Matthew went to was a nice looking mansion. Too bad they didn't save it for another use like Asa's house, where sadly no one lives in as far as we know. Matthew going to Michelle's house instead of meeting her in public was surprising and if she knew he was coming why would she do that. My computer says Briana is misspelled that's why I have it as Brianna in other entries as it autocorrected. Viki and Natalie getting upset over what Clint did, well it is too bad that neither threw the fact that he had children taken away from him. Even if Clint loathes John, he has lost years with his children.

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