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Thursday, June 20, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 22

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twenty-two (June 20, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Clint is calling Frank for a seventh time, due to what happened with Viki and the Pellegrino fund. Viki is still angry over what Clint did to Dani. Frank is visiting with Dorian. He tells her that she can never play him like this again. Later when with Sam and Jack, Dorian mentions revenge being a soup served cold. Viki is upset with Clint over Natalie and he feels like she saved him from that cheating McBain. Clint tells Viki his actions were out of love for their daughter. Viki yells at Clint and tells him to leave.

Natalie tells Destiny she isn't sure she can forgive her father because she has never been manipulated this way before. Natalie says that her father hurt her as much as she hurt John. Destiny asks Natalie how long she will wait for him. Natalie admits to Destiny that she is digging Cutter, and Destiny says he is digging her too. Natalie and Destiny discuss the idea of a double date with Cutter and Jeffrey.

Bruce, Cutter and Bo are talking about Briana Marland. Bo went into her room at the Palace and she was found dead. Cutter promises to call Bo if he remembers anything about Briana. Bruce tells Cutter not to worry he has him covered with the narcs. Rama watches Bruce and Cutter. She asks Cutter why she cares so much about Briana.

Blair catches Todd up with her conversation with Tea. Tea shows up and says that she may know where Victor is. Tea mentions a place in the Catskills, where people who are outcasts go. Tea says she will share the name if she can go. Todd says she knows a guy who can find anybody and he will help figure out why this is happening. Tea gives the name: Willow Lake. Blair and Todd go to Todd's hotel room. Blair tells Todd that she is glad he is here, and he said he never thought that would happen. She leaves to go back to Dorian's and grabs her hand. They speak for another moment, but one can tell the feelings haven't gone away. Todd calls Robert and says don't kill Victor until I get to talk to him.

Bo goes to Matthew's apartment and shares the news about Briana's death with Matthew, Dani and Jeffrey. Dani mentions the tainted oxy as she hadn't told Matthew or Jeffrey about it. Jeffrey gets on the phone with Michelle as she tried to contact Matthew. Matthew comes in and gets upset over what Jeffrey is doing. Jeffrey shares that he heard the car alarm on her side of the phone so Michelle is in Llanview.

Dusky wants a shot of Jack, Cutter tells Nikki to give her the drink. Nikki says you can get into trouble giving away too much to the wrong person. Cutter admits that Rama and Nikki may not get paid. Matthew and Dani come in and the club is pretty empty. The doorman was outside enjoying games on his tablet. Cutter introduces Dusky and she performs. Dani feels like she really didn't know Briana as she didn't know about her older boyfriend. Matthew and Dani dance.

Jack and Sam come downstairs they were going to go out to the mall. Dorian will play warden for them. Blair and Todd doesn't want them to go. Dorian and David are talking about the boys as they locked the door. David says he will look outside. Shaun was at the door with Sam and Jack as the boys climbed down the trellis.

General thoughts about this episode:

Shaun was finally back in Llanview and having him rescue the boys was amusing. The fact that Briana is dead had little punch as we barely knew her. Viki being upset over what Clint did was understandable, but by now she should know he would be capable of such a thing. Everyone should have suspected he would keep Natalie and John apart. It was good that Jeffrey stood up for his friend Matthew, and confronted Michelle even on the phone as he was the person who brought Michelle into their lives. Todd had a pang of conscience as he changed directions when it came to killing Victor.

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