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Monday, June 10, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 19

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode nineteen (June 10, 2013) of All My Children.

Dixie screams when she turns around and sees Billy Clyde with a flower. He wants her forgiveness for kidnapping her and trying to kill her husband. Dixie slaps him, leaves and we see Billy Clyde looking sad. Billy Clyde is with one of his whores and they discuss a lottery ticket, that is now missing. He finds it in his pocket and thanks Jesus for being a rich man as it was a huge winner.

Lea, Zach and Jesse are in Jesse's office. They are looking at a medallion picture, which belongs to the Koslovs. The tech comes and says there is a match to Uri. The letter opener, which "killed" Uri was an exact match to Zach Slater. Jesse is on the phone with Uri, he is upset that he has to frame Zach to free Cassandra. Zach and Lea are talking about the evidence, and he says there would be none if he was guilty. Angie asks Jesse if there is something he needs to tell her. Dixie comes into the station and asks Jesse to arrest Billy Clyde. He explains the statue of limitations and says there is nothing he can do.  Zach and Lea are now outside and Jesse comes to arrest him.

JR comes to speak to AJ while he is sitting with David at Jane's Addiction. JR mentions how AJ's mother was the love of his life and he hopes for the best for Cortlandt Electronics. David says he's dreaming if he will get another chance in Pine Valley. When Jane is delivering food, JR tumbles into her. Jane apologizes and then AJ leaves once getting a hug from his Grandfather David.

Colby and Pete are at a fancy restaurant. Colby asks why he is interested in such a young girl, and if Opal dropped him a lot when he was a baby. Celia calls Pete's phone, when he has stepped away Colby answers it and makes believe something is going on between them. Celia comes to see Pete to return the clothes he bought her and speaks with Opal who was wearing a Tai Chi outfit. Opal comforts her and says there are other men out there who will like her. David then joins Colby and Pete for drinks. David looks over the contracts and says they will talk again tomorrow. Pete leaves and David says tells Colby that any guy not interested in her is an absolute fool. David pays for the meal as Colby's credit card is declined. Her offers her a gift of 30,000 dollars. Pete goes home and Opal tells her that Celia left the outfits, and hopes that he has the receipts.

There is a pizza party at Chandler Mansion. Heather and AJ are hanging out, as Miranda asked her after she friended them. Some of the people that shunned Miranda were also there, and Heather wonders why. Miranda and Heather freak over the awful photoshopped picture of them together and blame Hunter. The others are now gone and Heather asks Miranda what her relationship is like with AJ. Miranda said they were best friends from birth and not dating as Heather admits to liking AJ.

Brooke opens the door to the Chandler mansion and says to someone I never expected to see you again.

General thoughts about the episode:

This episode felt very disjointed, I wonder if it was "reedited" for the two episode a week format. It jumped around a lot and characters appeared and disappeared with no explanation. For example, Celia and Miranda were together, and we didn't see them chat just Celia calling Pete and getting Colby on the phone. Brooke only appeared as the cliffhanger, the pizza party came out of nowhere, Dixie meeting Billy Clyde almost felt like an afterthought and that could have been a much larger story. I hope this was just a fluke as I found this episode a bit frustrating.

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