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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 24

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twenty-four (June 26, 2013) of All My Children.

Jesse is with Zach at the police station, and Jesse wants to get him off for murdering Uri. Zach says it is not Jesse's responsibility, but it is. Lea told Zach it was okay for him to look at the FBI files. Angie is still upset obviously and isn't happy to find out that Jesse knew about the porn, and didn't tell her. Cassandra starts freaking out, Angie is trying to comfort her, and she begins having a seizure. Dr. Anders tells Angie that she had a negative reaction to the methadone. Angie yells at Anders and says she's the chief of staff at the hospital not just someone off the street. David does a good job keeping Angie calm. Dixie tells Angie that she is not alone. Dixie asks why David is still at the hospital. Angie finds Cassandra on the floor. She wants to carry her daughter to the bed. Zach and Lea look at a photo of Uri and wonder who the other guy is. We know it is Vlad. Dixie and Anders see Cassandra's test results, she doesn't have any STDs. but we have no idea what is wrong with her.

Mr. Ronga is the name of the detention teacher in Room 116. The board references the treaty of Gent. Miranda runs out when Hunter draws a stick figure of her and her Bramwell friend having sex. Heather and AJ are talking at Jane's Addiction about Miranda being in detention. She tells him about the photo that Hunter sent. AJ finds Miranda in his room as she is looking for a DVD, which was obviously an excuse. Miranda asks how his time out with Heather was, and he admits Heather told him about the picture. AJ thinks she is more important than the baseball team. Miranda says that she doesn't want him to leave her life. AJ sees the really awful photoshopped picture on her phone and runs out of the room. AJ goes to Hunter and is spoiling for a fight. Hunter realizes that AJ is in love with her and asks if she gives him pity sex. Two of Hunter's friends hold AJ, so he can beat him. Billy Clyde comes by and sees what is going on and tries to stop it. He has a weapon, the other guys run away and he mentions a quote from Ezekiel in the Bible. AJ and Miranda thank Billy Clyde, but they have no idea who he is.

Colby and David are in bed, and she says she needs to go. Dimitri and Brooke are discussing her notes for her interview with David. Colby comes in and asks  Dimitri if she ever slept with her mother. Dimitri says no, and she calls him Eurotrash. Dimitri suggests she takes a job as an assistant, and Colby says no and leaves. Dimitri and Brooke talk about a conversation Brooke had with Colby. Colby agreed to a low level production job, but we didn't see that.

General thoughts about the episode:

I liked that Billy Clyde walked by and stopped the fight between Hunter and AJ, which wasn't fair especially since he used his cane. It was kind of odd how they had Dimitri and Brooke talk about a scene that we didn't see as we have no idea why Colby took the job. We don't know what is wrong with Cassandra, but if she is pregnant due to the drug issue this would be awful.

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