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Monday, June 24, 2013

AMC: Thoughts on Episode 23

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode twenty-three (June 24, 2013) of All My Children.

Cassandra talks about what Jesse told her on the phone. He is lying to all of them as the call did happen. Jesse goes away from Cassandra's bed and Lea asks him again if he spoke with his stepdaughter.  Dixie says that Cassandra was hallucinating and that's why she thought she spoke with Jesse. Lea and Zach discuss what Cassandra said and she feels like Cassandra really got that call.  Dixie is trying to comfort Angie over dealing with Cassandra's problems. Cassandra is in a lot of pain and apologizes for what she did. She thinks that Angie and Jesse will hate her, she mentions the pornographic movie she was forced to do. Angie comforts her daughter and says they will get through this together.

Dixie goes to talk to Joe about Billy Clyde. They both wish Tad would be there for her. Billy Clyde signs over his place to Ruby. Joe goes to see Billy Clyde and Ruby answers the door. Ruby mistakes him for a customer, but eventually he gets to talk to Billy Clyde.

Colby called Pete's assistant and found him at Jane's Addiction. Colby asks Pete out for the weekend, he tells her that he's not there for a relationship. Pete asks if she is okay with friends with benefits and she says she is. Jane has a mystery phone call. David walks in for their meeting, Jane brings David his regular coffee order and Colby leaves. Pete says that all Colby sees him is as a toy. David tells Pete that he is ready for the interview. Colby and David run into each other again and share some crystal. She admits to not liking him at all, but she did like the money he gave her. Colby and David have sex. Pete goes home and finds out that Opal sold the house. They pack up all the items including Palmer's wash basin from Pigeon Hollow. That said most of the furnishings are staying with the house.

General thoughts about the episode:

Does this mean that Jane is finally getting a story beyond I was into the band and my name is Jane so I named my coffeehouse Jane's Addiction? It is kind of depressing that after the first week of the show, the only female who gets to have sex for fun on AMC is Colby. It is ridiculous that Opal finally gets a house, and she is moving out of there. At least we have a reason for why she is lonely as all of her friends are out of town.

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