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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OLTL: Thoughts on Episode 17

Here are my thoughts and a brief summary about episode seventeen (June 4, 2013) of One Life to Live.

Viki and Clint are in the living room, she's reading "The Banner" in hard copy, while he is looking at the digital edition, which now looks a lot better. Jeffrey comes in with Nigel to talk to her. He comes with big news about a fund being fraudulent, and there is a 25% chance it is the Pellegrino Fund. Viki asks Jeffrey if he is sure as this will cause a panic. Viki isn't sure what to do, but thinks to call Ogden to pull her money though she isn't sure if this will be like insider trading.

Matthew is doing work for Clint and is at the coffee shop. He then gets a text from Clint asking for his latte. Destiny comes in with Drew and she walks out, he follows her and they argue. Drew knocks down his drink as Matthew doesn't give him one with a lid. They argue, but Matthew calms Destiny down. He goes and brings a drink with a lid. Nora comes in, but leaves silently when she sees them together. Destiny asks about Jeffrey and if she can have his number for baby-sitting. Destiny asks Matthew if he wants to come over for dinner. He says no, Clint texts again and he leaves. We are now back at the apartment, Snoop comes to see Matthew, and Jeffrey is in shock. Dani comes in and says how downtown someone was walking around that looks like Snoop Dogg and sees him.

We see Tea with a Mac laptop it is around 10 in the morning. Her username is TEA48 and Victor's looks to be LL202 as he says I'm sorry about the giraffe. Tea goes to Bo with her computer, as Victor logged off to help locate him. A computer tech is given the machine, and Bo says that even if the giraffe thing is something only both know it may be someone else who forced him to type the message. The tech comes in and says that it was made anonymous, so it was untraceable.

David and Dorian talk about her blog, he really likes it because it is salacious. Dorian decides to get a day of beauty at a spa. Cutter and Blair talk about last night's blackout at Shelter. Todd comes in and says there was tampering. Todd calls Dani and says he will meet her wherever she wants. We next see them together getting manicures. Todd mentions how guys are idiots, but really the reason he wants to talk is about the oxy. He wants to check the drugs to see if they were tampered. Dorian comes in and Dani comes back with nail polish. She mentions French manicures, while Dani is torn between red and pink. She gives the manicurist a greenish color to put on Todd's nails. Todd calls Bo and asks about the oxy. Todd doesn't explain to Bo why he wants the drugs to be tested, and Bo lies and says he doesn't have them.

The show ends with a montage to the song "Solemn Speak" by Hotel Cinema. Tea is again by herself and types I love you on the computer. Destiny falls asleep at the coffee shop and Drew wakes her up as she is dreaming. Clint comforts Viki who has a sad/worried face. Todd goes back to his hotel room and a card with the logo is on the logs in the fireplace.

General thoughts about this episode:

It was a brand new day in Llanview and I was surprised that Snoop was still in town. I hope he stayed at the Palace even if we didn't see him there. From seeing Matthew's list on the phone, it looks like he is more of Clint's errand boy when it comes to responsibilities like picking up coffee and laundry than a valued part of BE. Considering Corbin's (Jeffrey) history as part of the High School Musical franchise, I bet he had to deal with a lot of staring people. How Snoop didn't like Jeffrey being a journalist was funny. Todd's fingernail color was funny though I wonder how many episodes they will not be clear. I'm glad Bo kept the drugs, that he will hopefully get tested to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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